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  1. Awesome update, keep up the great work!
  2. Good one! Good point as well. I'll change it to Artist/Band
  3. Here's a little game for you to test your music knowledge!! I'll kick things off with Jonas Blue... I can think of at least 5-10 more, lets see what else you can come up with and you get extra points if you can name a song by them as well!
  4. Great question Arran! For me it changes every few weeks, buit is currently Head & Heart by Joel Corry & MNEK. What a bop!
  5. After many years of development, here is my setup...
  6. Such an awesome feature. Very useful as both a listener and presenter!
  7. Awesome, love this! Interaction between presenters and truckers has now never been better!!
  8. Now obviously you can't help it when people crash into you, BUT, its perfectly possible to not crash into other people. For example, if you are entering a busy area, slow down slightly. This will give you more time to react to an accident, another player lagging or give you more time to recover if you get lag. So to put it simply, take your time. There is no reason why you, or anyone else should be in a rush. It will just cause accidents and therefore irritated players.
  9. I have the following: intel I5 6600 GeForce GTX Titan 16GB RAM 27" AOC moniter 1920x1080 60Hz moniter Its not the best, but its certainly good enough for me. If there was 1 thing that I could improve, it would definitely be the CPU.
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