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By clicking on the Player, go on the Tab list.

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Suggestion Name: By clicking on the Player, go on the Tab list. Suggestion Description: When you be in areas with many people, you doesn’t find the player directly in the TAB list, so it would be

+1.    I agree this topic. It's very bothering to find perpetrator searching from tab. This method need to many time.it is not have a problem after it is implemented.    

i think this is a great idea. it would also help people who find reading hard as they can just click ok them instead of reading them  

It'd bring benefits that are more useful and easier than the current one, but as everything has pros and cons, it also has. Some people may act as a game moderator and do back-seat moderating, create bulk-reports in-game, which will eventually increase the load on the in-game report system and cause a reduction in service standard. 

Besides these, people who use keyboard or mouse control to drive their trucks may crash if they try to click on a vehicle while driving. Sooner or later, it'll increase the rate of accidents and put the system in a loop. Adding an option to view TruckersMP ID in a column and player order by distance, closeness in TAB list would sort the mess in the list, in my opinion.




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