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By clicking on the Player, go on the Tab list.

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Personally I agree with this, as the suggestion description says. It can be useful when we want to see someone's info for making a report and much quicker than finding in Tablist where there are lot of people on.



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It'd bring benefits that are more useful and easier than the current one, but as everything has pros and cons, it also has. Some people may act as a game moderator and do back-seat moderating, create bulk-reports in-game, which will eventually increase the load on the in-game report system and cause a reduction in service standard. 

Besides these, people who use keyboard or mouse control to drive their trucks may crash if they try to click on a vehicle while driving. Sooner or later, it'll increase the rate of accidents and put the system in a loop. Adding an option to view TruckersMP ID in a column and player order by distance, closeness in TAB list would sort the mess in the list, in my opinion.


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