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  1. Gta is a good game, own most of them and played 95% of them. Love Gta SA and V for the fan servers/communities where I am a member or have been for a while roleplaying heavily.
  2. Beautiful machines, pretty pictures.
  3. Sitting over here in Denmark
  4. When I listen to music, I like to listen to relaxing mixes on youtube.
  5. I sometimes write "REC" and sometimes not, no real idea as to why. i never wrote "REC ban" and rarely see anyone else do, so I don't know. Seems kinda pointless when I think about it except it does warn others in the area when you "RED ID", they then know who to watch out for.
  6. The Volve FH. I like the engine it has as well as costumizations (Specialy with the FH DLC) It's a beautiful machine I have never had problems with.
  7. First person all the way, I wanna be able to see my interior customizations.
  8. I won't say not to ice cream, but pizza wins, and specialy if it has chili on it, then I'm sold.
  9. Gonna be an android vote from here. I find them better in every aspect and refuse to own an iPhone.
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