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  1. Hii happy birthday 🥳🎁🍾

  2. I own 19 DLC's: Krone Trailer Pack Road to the Black Sea Beyond the Baltic Sea Italia Heavy Cargo Pack Michellin Fan Pack Viva la France! Mighty Griffin Tuning Pack Wheel Tuning Pack Window Flags Schwarzmüller Trailer Pack Cabin Accessories Danish Paint Jobs Pack Scandinavia Raven Truck Design Pack Going East! High Power Cargo Pack Metallic Paint Jobs Pack Rocket League Promo
  3. I do hope that the navigation display gets optimized, because it's been the same for many years now. It's a fantastic example that you've made and I do hope that SCS will update the navigation display soon. +1 from me.
  4. It would be lovely to drive on Duisburg - Calais road with 6000+ players if everybody knew how to drive properly, which they never will. You can already see the problem on Duisburg - Calais road when there's only a few hundred people.
  5. One word: Norway. The beautiful landscape, tunnels, narrow routes and pretty bridges.
  6. I don't agree with you. Converting all the Simulation Servers together won't help - more players on the same server = lagg. Think about the Duisburg - Calais road if there's only 1 server with 6000+ players. Being able to choose different servers is very important to have when you're in a large gaming community, the player's can make their own choices.
  7. Happy Birthday, dear PsyGames!

  8. Happy New Year, Truckeees!

    1. Mirko9


      Happy new year :) 

  9. Yes! Multiplayer has been updated. Great job, developers.

  10. Don't know what to play :(

    1. edgarinskas


      What kind of games u like? Racing?

  11. New Groups on Steam! Check it out.

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