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Road to Simulation #3


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5 hours ago, ScaniaFan89 said:

Fact is they could completely restrict this right back to basics ( base game, no dlc or anything & ban all edits etc ) people would still find a way to ruin it....." everyone is restricted to 310hp ivecos with a top speed of 10mph " trolls just resort to blocking, then they go on about the 3 million registered users of which probably 80% or so are banned accounts & unused accounts! 


Another thing i read which to me sounds rather silly is adding horns makes them louder which im pretty sure isnt true, its the tones that change not the sound level. 

It's not so much about trolls, but about the non-skilled players who seem unable to drive slower than full speed. At 110 Km/h they have a better chance of keeping control, at 150 Km/h... I don't see the "Road to simulation" approach as an attempt to end with trolls, but to end with the 90% of NFS fans that will drive full speed, 110, 150 or 200, even when they can't even control their trucks at 70 Km/h.

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it's easy to speed, it's harder to save mod


A rule to allow 1-2 duplicate(s) of any accessory part zone with anything attached to them (maybe a beacon exception) with up to 5 total duplicates sounds easy enough to implement and still allows for full multi-bar setups. It's not like even without savemodding you can make some hideous all lights all the time trucks or become the lord of beacons

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On 8/28/2018 at 2:16 PM, caff!!! said:

to quote Revolver Ocelot: I love to reload shift gears during a battle delivery.


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23 hours ago, William Kresh said:

I honestly believe that the faster a player is traveling the more attention they are paying to what is around them.

Unfortunately, this does not work in most cases, since the smallest number of players can control their speed correctly, but most use this speed to quickly drive along the CD road, creating a danger for other players, since, as a rule, such people ride without of goals, just to drive, but not use the game the way the developer wants it. Therefore, I am not sure that speed changes will be in the near future.

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3 hours ago, Melania'sHusband said:

Why open another server ?. If moderation is horrible. They can't moderate a single server and want them to moderate 3?

Because adding more capacity to the existing servers puts more stress on them which leads to a lot of issues such as extreme lag & desync, so to counter balance it they open extra servers which take up the slack while keeping the network stable. I have a feeling they have idle backup servers that they can switch on & off as needed, also some new servers come online in other areas to allow people on the other side of the world to play with low pings & as for moderating them they don't need to be on every server as they can simply hop on where needed, like how the police irl cant be everywhere but focus on the hot spots & filter out across their patrol area when required.

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On 2/11/2020 at 8:45 PM, LordBenji said:

@THE ROCK - PT You should take a closer look. If you compare the picture I've put, and this one below, you'll notice the small and large lights are on the same slot, and requires duplication.



https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/780 (§3.5)


Ah yes didnt saw it at the first time

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@Beep Boop Coming Through Simple, because in the base game players are alone with the bot traffic, but in MP, players are sharing the roads with other players. Ramming, driving on the wrong side of the road, using hacks, are also allowed in the base game, but can't be allowed in MP, don't you agree? Using what players can do in the base game to justify what players should be allowed to do in MP is absurd. And of course, the TruckersMP mod is and will be what the developers want, why should they waste their spare time and own resources in a mod that they don't want? They may or may not allow things that players ask for, but they don't have to. Let's not forget this statement from the rules: "The servers, mod and staff are provided free of charge for everyone and in that sense, everyone is a guest on the servers and it is a privilege that can be removed at any time".

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