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  2. ofcourse some changes are good but i honestly dont see how an duped bullbar is harmfull to others
  3. to be honest u do know that theres this little tuning ingame because scs doesnt want to promote illegal modifications alltough techincly every item of exterior mods is illegal besides the strobes on a grill, The roofbars with leds and fog lights being banned because it affects other users is complete bs it doesnt affect anyone unless u have 50 on that spot
  4. okay ill go c-d style highbeams and strobes everywhere not my fault if peoples crap pc cant handle the fps drop
  5. u say to focus on irl but if u litterally look at someone whos even spend only an tiny bit of money on the looks its usually an roofbar with fogs and leds under them so the fact stuff like this gets banned is what we get mad about
  6. ah yes because everybody nows how to make their own mods to dupe items via the new rules??!??!?!? its not about using external programs to do this we do double bumper cuz we want to make our truck look like irl trucks / style instead of filling my truck with 50 highbeams like everyone else does
  7. dupe rule might aswell be removed since u cant do anything on trucks for tuning since only one of the items on them can have leds for example in the slots
  8. Merry christmas to all of u!

  9. Hi there! U may not have heard of me yet but im here to help you! I've recently made part 2 of my save-edit tutorial showing how to do b-doubles / hct's Ill leave part one here aswell for single ownable company trailers!
  10. your allowed to freely swap any trailer combination aslong as u do not put heavy cargo / special transport trailers on the back of your bdouble/hct
  11. Suggestion Name: Trailer Save Edit's Suggestion Description: would love that the trailers get more play in rules for saveediting (bumper wise atm) Any example images: https://imgur.com/a/UEkJ82m https://imgur.com/a/kESJh3P Why should it be added?: I feel like it should be allowed due to the fact its not major save edit and enhances the visuals of trailers it is allowed to be done on trucks with the grills so why not on the trailer? Regards, Swen
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