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  1. --------------------------- Euro Truck Simulator 2 --------------------------- The game filesystem failed to initialize, aborting now. --------------------------- OK --------------------------- Whenever i try to launch the multiplayer got this eror please help
  2. --------------------------- Euro Truck Simulator 2 --------------------------- The game filesystem failed to initialize, aborting now. --------------------------- OK --------------------------- Help?
  3. when it will be resolve this issue literly s***
  4. Hy please help me when i play ets2mp on city fps start droping outside city i go normal fls on fps i got no fps droping issue ease help me. My pc specs intel core i3 4690 3.5 ghz Ram crosair.vengernce 8 gb 1600 mhz Card Asus Gtx 750 2 gb os Windows 10 pro And yes i also got fps drop issue on win 8.1
  5. Have You Reinstall your Windows ?? wich Windows Are you using Now it may Be Windows Problem check it
  6. Thank you Guys for Helping me I Got unbanned thank You ets 2 Mp Team i Love This Game And Dev <3
  7. help cant understand my Ban Expires it's Show 2015-05-22 04:55:00 it's pm or am? i cant understand this pm i google uk time it's show 4:48 PM
  8. да же случилось со мной, братан, это отставание, когда я войти в любой город Translate :yup same happend to me Bro it's lag when i enter any city
  9. Please Release R3 Update On This update Game Get lag when i enter any City my Game lag For 1 Minute And its automatically Fixed
  10. its not working for me Why ? i really wanted to pla ets2mp feeling Alone i have others game like bf4 dota 2 cod AW csgo much more games but i Wanted to play ETs2MP Like Ets2 mp is fun <3
  11. no samee and i Have letest version on steam i try this Same Problem
  12. hello Can you guys help me with php SDk what dose it means Wherre can i install it help me i have website and i want to know where should i install it should i need to install it on my PC ?:? or uploade it to my Web serveR?
  13. Hello Guys today i launched ets2mp when i double click on .exe file its show me a this Error please Help --------------------------- Error --------------------------- Cannot validate game version. Would you like to try again? --------------------------- Yes No --------------------------- i redownload Restart internet Same problem ;( did i get ban ??/// For no reasson /? Thank You EDIT: It's Working Now if i Got same Error Again aS Tomorrow when i come back from Collage ill check if same problem occured ill open Ticket Again Thank you guys You Guys trying to Help me but it's Fixed Automatically i launch it again and same problem pop ups after 2-3 mints i start game again its working now Regards!
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