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  1. Iveco should aswell get add first ingame , as SCS have good relation with Iveco aswell.
  2. Have to say thats a amazing guide , witch should be stick so players (if they really bother to read it all) can read and get some notions , accidents normally happen due to just few reasons , 85 % doesnt have a license driver in real life , 95% never drove a truck in real life , but this could give some trainning to the youngers , starting to understand the road in a sim game its half goal to in real life understand how everything works. Best Regards to everyone from Portugal , peace!
  3. Yes double trailer count as 2 so you still can use them. You dont need to remove the promods or anything else , multiplayer got local mods disabled by default so you will be good to join on the event server. I would suggest since its trought the country roads , to set as secundary road or country road.
  4. I would expect a rework in all ivecos for example, plus add the new iveco, the new mercedes, engine fault system, damaged system, theres so many good stuff to produce but they always go around with stuff that sometimes doesnt change much
  5. Just use the win 10 second plan record , allows you to set from 30 seconds to 30 minutes , example , you set it on 5 , what it does is if somebody goes agaisnt you , you just press Win key + Alt + G and records the last 5 minutes so it will catch the accident. Regards!
  6. Thrustmaster T300rs Alcantra edition + Th8a and few custom button boxs maded by me
  7. Playing Dayz , time to time i still go in mp , but mostly waiting for the 1.37.
  8. Like @Colored_Greens said you should download a software that allows u to create a custom job so you and or friends can go from A to B with same cargo etc , theres two good programs. Virtual speditor - https://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?t=199114 Ts Tool - https://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?t=266092 Both are easy to do cargos , one of them allows you to changes few things in or profile , the other only allow u to make jobs with random trailers or with your own trailers. Also if you guys make a VTC together , use the truckbooks were it will allow to count all your kms and routes so you can compete with other VTC's , it also allows you to have a dispacther to create jobs were drivers can just acept. Best Regards Buddy!
  9. Had same problem , fixed by setting my scale from 400% to 125% by default , also when you get ingame , drive for about 1 minute before you tab out , after that will keep working without problems.
  10. Well after digging around almost 3 hours i found it xDD , its not listed in game for some reason but here it is /def/vehicle/trailer_cargo/scs_container/container_40r.sii
  11. Best way its to make a job that includdes a refrig container , then hook the trailer , and get the container id , then switch to or own trailer , if i find it will share here.
  12. You could find alot players when the washington got release were you could get lumber from one specific company at the top of a montain , not sure if gets crowed anymore.
  13. I like both , i just dont play ATS so often due to have low pop online , otherwise i would go there more often.
  14. We are two , speed limits only increase accidents , due to overtakings where they cant overtake others , the reason is always the speed.
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