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  1. Cant manage to work with it anymore i dont know why any idea @LIPtoH
  2. I know thanks buddy , still doesnt work properly for me , thanks anyway!
  3. Ok i guess then will wait for fix to be released thanks anyway , just another question in your github when i download theres no exe. thats normal?
  4. @LIPtoH New version doesnt work anymore , any clue?
  5. Suggestion Name: Bigger wheels for promods servers Suggestion Description: Bigger wheels for promods servers , theres alot places around the map that trucks may get stuck easly , bigger wheels would help for those who goes to places more "raw" Any example images: Why should it be added?: We all would benit of them in promod server , we would have more friction for example on ice places , as the truck would be bit more high compared to the ground , wouldnt get stuck so easly. Best Regards The rock
  6. I had logitech g27 and g29 , they are very good but Thrustmaster t300 its more realistic in feedback terms etc , few shops sell them around 310 euros , try one!
  7. Since they now are apart of VolVo truck group (its diferent then Volvo car group) they bring the same gearbox and engine as volvo's , so its a six-cylinder engines, the 11 L DTI 11 (with a power output of 380, 430 and 460hp) and the 13 L DTI 13 (440, 480 and 520hp)
  8. @Grecu' I would say double those lines and will create a second cub , however may not work
  9. Allowing Veterans to have more speed , instead of being stuck in 110 for example
  10. @[RLC]LIPtoH any idea why everytime i create a job and on trailers i select double my game crash? (note doing this inside of germany for example)
  11. "Added ability to Add Custom paths" I cant modify the truck or trailer , or i dont understand what you mean by add custom paths @LIPtoh
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