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  1. I always use 12 , 16 or 12+2 gearbox , u get more power and control but i do have a steering wheel with clutch and gearbox.
  2. I use mine 0.50 if its from 0 to 1 , half only like original , however some players brake like cars and get with me sometimes
  3. Speed limit will never be removed however i think 150kms was fine enought and 110kms should be the limit in simulation 1 like old days
  4. For me the most easy way and with more sense would be a "Reconnect button" in tab or something , would solve the problem
  5. In order to work properly , grab a trailer from scania dealer and u need 3 things , the paintjob code , the chassi code and the body code , using those 3 u can make your own trailer working perfct with the skin of scania
  6. Never came here to say , i did test this for 2 months and i gotta say for those who love real simulation should try this! Congratz to the whole project im in love for it!
  7. Ah yes didnt saw it at the first time
  8. I do most of time respect the speed limit as max i go is 98 due to trucksbook , i do stop in some red lights if theres players nearby , this on my normal profile. If im using the VTC World (career for mp) then yes i do stop in every sign that say so and i do respect all the speed limits aswell due to the rank.
  9. But according to them thats allowed i guess , theres nothing wrong on those pics as u can do in default game aswell
  10. I guess they mean is using doubles from different types like cistern + isulated for example
  11. Cant manage to work with it anymore i dont know why any idea @LIPtoH
  12. I know thanks buddy , still doesnt work properly for me , thanks anyway!
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