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  1. Remember to remove country validations also on slave trailer make it null
  2. Well its true they can do it but i doub mostly will do it right , thats what i think , there will always pros and cons.
  3. I like what somebody said here , lock the speed according hours in game so someone with 1000 hours in ets should be allowed to drive bit more faster then others. Even if he doesnt want.
  4. Id prefer different vehicle like actually a Van for carrying stuff btw always +1 for new features and vehicles
  5. I did in console option to turn everything i could in realistic still theres huge gap between the game and the real life but it also sometimes the truck flips in game where in real life iy wouldnt , anyway its a game and its realistic for what it is. (Truck driver in real life for the last 5 years)
  6. I Dont hate any i do use all of them , each are different and if you put the 700's away and use stock trucks with real gears set , you will enjoy all of them!
  7. You may have steering wheel that instead of having 900 degrees or 1080(like mine) u have something between 180 to 200 degrees , if so you must make the game act according to the wheel , not getting a mistake here but try to move the option "wheel sensitive" to your right side of the bar
  8. Yeah at the beging nobody would travel in calais-Duisburg road , instead the europort was full along with Amsterdam and Rotterdam
  9. Nice colour schematics in trucks!
  10. Hello there forum! So i didnt remember i had video of trucksmp back in 2014 , this was video recorded back then to show my friends how it was (so i could to convince them playing with me) Theres nothing special to show for those who played back then , but others that came late can see how it was. Good memories
  11. I love local mods , sadlly trucksmp had block locak mods like changing engines , gearboxs , sounds , and more 1000 things
  12. Guess its time to have god laugh watching some slides crashing into us
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