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  1. @Hell Diver Sadly no , the best way is , leave first gear , stall the vehicle , (on options make sure u can turn the vehicle automatic) press the gas pedal twuice and voila , thats the only way!
  2. Hello there @mehmet43mehmet theres few things that may are creating lag at your side , example , do you have grimmes mods of seasons? If so remove it , do you do save edit? If you have duplicate things like lights and bumpers , remove them keep the truck clean and simple , dont have any objects inside that have physics , try that. In other side if you have everything in ultra or high and you have a old Pc or a weak one , that may be your issue too. Best regards!
  3. IRL my horse is a Scania R620 V8 from 2007 but ingame my horse is a Renault Premium / Magnum , Why? I had once had to drive a Renault for 1 month straight (Scania had to have huge manutention) and i felt in love for it , was the most confortable truck that i have drove (and i have drove almost any european brand). Also a good friend of mine have a special Renault , Renault Magnum aka Mack 520 v8 from 1991 witch makes a Scania be a baby when that v8 screams xD , so yeah i like to drive simple things.
  4. I belive that its also because Renaults Trucks have a huge share of sells in iberia , Portugal and Spain have used Renaults trucks for more then 30 years by now , theres companies who only buy Renaults or Ivecos or Dafs due to their prices and reliablity , however Renaults offers much more confort then any other truck in Europe (yes incluiding Scania and Volvo).
  5. Hello there @xItsLouiex , your profile (save) isnt attached to trucksmp forum or any kind of software , so the only way to see your statistics its when you open the game and before you choose our profile you can see all the statistics of it! Greatings!
  6. Renault only use the engine and gearbox from volvo the rest is maded by them , since they got bought from volvo back in 1995 , and Scania dont use Volkswagen engines , Scania is owned by the VW group but remains seperate of the rest , Scania makes everything by themselfs , including engine and gearbox , Man is owned by VW group too and have their own engine and gearbox , and u dont see them trading parts with scania or vice versa.
  7. Not only you , but me and thousands players having the same issue , i can only point the finger to the servers , since their datacenter burned down , things have been weird , people keep DC and connect again , servers unstable etc , not to worry , mostly probably the problem isnt at your side.
  8. Its legal , also it doesnt interer with any player since thats its local. Best Regards!
  9. Its a facelift , i mean ingame they wont replace the current Renault T , but irl it will replace the current T , facelift happens to keep companies interested in buying them , and to improve the current vehicle.
  10. RENAULT , worked with a Renault Mack 520 V8 from 1991 since then been in love for them.
  11. @Lena' I really doubt you will be banned for this , since Devs are aware of the current problem i can say nobody will be banned for dismiss and appear again inside someone (been happen to me few times , people spawning from nowehere inside me driving at same speed as me , since that triggers ghost mode , you just need to drive to other lane to prevent a collision).
  12. I dont define a good game having good graphcis , for me good game means features so i miss more interaction with vehicles (Open doors, get out of the vehicle, indoor light,...)
  13. Start by a Renault Magnum if you can , if u can trow a 520 inside , with 12 gears , you can do jobs to almost 40 tons , i did few ones with 60 tons but thats bit harder , anyway its amazing truck in all aspects , as for SP you can have the Renault Mack aka Magnum with a 525 V8 , they were very powerfull back in 1991!
  14. As for me , Daf and Iveco like mention before works well , but im a fanboy of Renault Trucks , so my fleet goes from Renault Premium (460HP) to Renault Magnum (520HP) they both do a good job.
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