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  1. Hello there Kimmy Granger , it used to happen to me aswell , however for me i did do small thing that it fixed right away. On your mods folder search for promods , you will have to look for 2 files - promods-me-defmap-v250 and promods-me-assets-v250 , those are the middle east expansion and assests , by removing them your promods will still work properly , it just wont have a small part of middle east like Iraq. The game shouldnt crash anymore by removing those , also make sure everytime you joining ingame , before you load or profile , click on edit profile then go back to your profile without editting anything and load it , somehow also prevents alot players of crashing. Hope it works Best Regards
  2. Going to visit Portugal first , lisboa witch its my home town , then will explore from there.
  3. Well did came across with this and will share mine aswell , i dont drive them anymore , but its been with me since 2013 and did 780.000 kms on Single Player and Multiplayer roads since then , i havent used it for few months as i did update myself to a brand new Scania. All Stock , got 460 horse power , updated meanwhile the gearbox to a ZF 16 gears and did bought two extra lights thats it.
  4. Yes you cant transport cars or boats as example in your trailer , you must use a standard for those types , sadly .
  5. The majory is playing 1.38 so thats why you see the pop low at this moment , once the multiplayer updates to 1.38 servers will be full again! Best Regards!
  6. Lokomotive: /def/vehicle/trailer/goldhofer_mpa_k_flat_1x4/vossloh_g6.sii - Use this if you only want to change whats above or trailer. Lokomotive chassi: /def/vehicle/trailer/goldhofer_mpa_k_flat_1x4/chassis.dlc_heavy_cargo.sii - Use this to change the whole trailer , must be placed at chassi and cargo the same path.
  7. For those who wanna loose the cargo at side ways! Lateral Open : /def/vehicle/trailer/scs_box/curtain_sider/chassis_open_side.sii
  8. No i dont want to crash into others as i dont do it and never did , but collisions should be on yes , theres not a single day i dont go do a job or two in Server 1 and somebody ramms me over , i bet if there was a poll the majory would vote to take speed limit off or increase , i gave my view of the thing , nothing more to say.
  9. Here we go again dammmm , do you remember Server 2 locked at 150 kms? It was the most full server ingame rightt? Alot of those who like to drive 110 or less would came to that server to play instead of being at Server 1 locked at 110 , the question is , the majory wants the speed limit to be higher like before or to be removed , but that can happen in server 2 and keep server 1 locked at 110 for those who wanna keep "simulation". I dont drive fast due to Vtc , but i have to say theres no point crossing entire europe when u barelly see players and be stuck at 110.
  10. Its not about luck , its about the limit of the truck and your limit , most of my jobs are with htc for example , plus just because others cant drive well at certains speeds doesnt mean me and the rest have to be stick to a certain speed , its very simple , you cant drive fast you dont drive fast , dont limit others because of the lack of skills of others.
  11. Chill out , i said its about control of the vehicle , where did i mention anything else? Read well before answer.
  12. Sadlly this topic have bring brough too many times , the speed limit was fine back then to 150 , im even remember when there wasnt speed limit , what a freedom we had before , they could infact reduce speed limit in few roads of the map , mostly could be without limit or locked at 150 , lets be real , 90% of the map its around the same road , why others have to limit yourselfs ? The rest the map its empy and theres no point of speed limit there , i did remember when there also was a two servers , Server 1 locked at 110 and Server 2 locked at 150 , fail to understand why we had to loose it and force to drive 110 , admins and devs wont change it anymore , they simple think this gonna give them more work to do with reports and such , but the reallity is the speed limit being at 90 , 100 , 110 , 150 , i see everyday same accidents , its not about speed , its about control. Regards
  13. Happend to me but i did found also different solution , join in game for first time , drive around 1 minute or less , teleport to another garage (must be different city or country) press F1 , minimize the game , voila , doesnt freeze anymore. Regards!
  14. Gotta say , game have amazing graphics for a game back from 2012 , like some said , licenses can be very hard to obtain and for that its more easy if they release a ETS2 Reworked from 0 , having same name and project allow them to keep licenses etc , who knows maybe one day as the SCS is only living from ATS and ETS now , but the community are growing up despise the years of ETS , it also theres a big reason why its growing up , the multiplayer , without it the game would already be dead , lets face it , nobody likes to play games SP for long periods without having small snack of multiplayer , we are humans , humans always search for interactions with others.
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