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  1. Ets 2 are missing the new Iveco aswell and the new Man too
  2. Quick question , i havent tried yet but what happens if you select a city that doesnt have a bus station? Or the program itself only allows to select cities with bus stations? Thanks in advance!
  3. Before the g_reference_climate would work and turn night into day , now is there any command to lock night into day in trucksmp/Sp/Convoy mode? I know theres one thats g_climate_abledo or whatever it is but night always comes after while.
  4. The person whos behind watching its also responsable for keep space ahead incase the person who is overtaking cant do the maneuver , its called common sense and if you dont keep space you also are putting yourself in danger in case of collision etc . On motorways who are inside should pass from right lane to the middle lane to allow others to enter , i know theres no rules saying you have to do it but remember the enter way in motorways are called "acelerate lanes" for some reason so you can achive the same speed and merge into , but at end theres always a give way sign , its all common sense , if everyone would help each other the roads would actually work properly.
  5. Something that people keep forgetting even on real life , When you see someone overtaking infront of you , keep a space in case the person ahead cant do the manuever and have to return to the lane .... I see alot players doing exactly the opposite , when they see someone overtaking they speed up a bit in order to take the space away and the guy who is overtaking if for some reason cant do the manueveur gets trapped in a wrong lane with a vehicle side by side..... Dont do it , always keep huge space when see someone overtaking other for safe of everyone ingame and irl.
  6. The most powerfull truck its Scania with 780 V8 , but Renault Premium with 420 hp and 16 gears cab haul 60 tons! Thats what i use!
  7. They had their time and they didnt improve much , now isnt possible to beat the convoy mode .
  8. SCS on the right direction , impressive how they have grow up in the last 3/4 years , keep the good work!
  9. Top , we also need Catlive ownable trailers!
  10. They just dont want too , simple as that cause like u said they would have to hire people to maintain. 7 years of knowledge and expertise cant beat a hole company with more resources , altrough for both of them its a healthy competition , but with time i think SCS MP ill gain more and more players , theres more freedoom , you can use mods already , start and explore different maps , right now theres almost no limits with mod support and less stress with others players that their intention its just to destroy the fun of others etc etc etc.
  11. Like on real life i do use retarder + clutch and gearbox mostly
  12. Some people say "its normal" some say "working and school" well the reality is , yes more then half have moved to Convoy mode witch its normal you get more features there or at least the experience its hole different from trucksmp , will we have the same ammount of players like we used to have? No , never , and i think will get worse when the Convoy mode release features like workshop where you can have custom mods/maps.
  13. Solved , did reseted the routers. Thanks. Best regards
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