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  1. @Grecu' I would say double those lines and will create a second cub , however may not work
  2. Allowing Veterans to have more speed , instead of being stuck in 110 for example
  3. @[RLC]LIPtoH any idea why everytime i create a job and on trailers i select double my game crash? (note doing this inside of germany for example)
  4. "Added ability to Add Custom paths" I cant modify the truck or trailer , or i dont understand what you mean by add custom paths @LIPtoh
  5. - Farming simulator 19 - Sims4 - Bus simulator 18 - Euro Truck simulator 2 - American Truck simulator - Spintires Mudrunner - Miscreated - Minecraft
  6. Speed limit aint gonna fix all the reports and issues etc , i did pass 3 times since this rule apply on C-D road and its worse then ever , why? simple , people try to overtake , and since the speed is limit to 110 , but with or without speed limit it will continue that way , theres no way to fix it unless take the collision from all server or simple ignore the resquest or reports from high speed players
  7. This ^^ , however i dont speed more , i keep my speed , unless i see theres incoming traffic and he cant pass me safely then i slow down to avoid accident , but who is overtaking shall know how to do properly without putting in danger everyone in road
  8. Basicly this! Make one of the arcade servers with collision and warn players that the server will not be moderate neither the reports from it will be view , simple , those who join agree with it then , no more reports for staff from there , simple
  9. They are too slow compared to other games like forza who have alot licenses and models
  10. This tool is very helpfull in convoys , unlockying cities and stuff
  11. Never broke save for me bro , but i dont have enconter any bug @LIPtoH much appreciate
  12. Portugal and Spain may be on the way as they have beautifull country roads
  13. @ASIR [CZE] Normally i dont slow down , thats like on real life u dont slow down , but you must keep the same speed , not speed up more but if i see he cant pass me soon and theres someone coming on from then i start to slow down and go to the most right possible of the road
  14. @xbeetlejuiice Can be alot of things , heres quick solution , how many trucks you have and how many employers you have? if both go more then 10 or 20 , sell all trucks , keep max 10 and fire all employers , the lagg sometimes comes from autosaves and if you got many employers this will make your game freeze/lagg bit
  15. Used to do the same as you but a thrutsmaster Dev said me once in forum that for best compatibiliy u shall download the th8a drivers , for me without the shifter drivers i had to connect the shifter trought the wheel , now with the drivers u can use is usb
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