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Cast your vote for the /fix command


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Due to feedback, we have decided to create a way to provide user feedback through in game voting via chat. Our first vote will be for various options surrounding the /fix command that people have grown to either love or hate.

To get instructions / to vote; please launch truckersmp and once logged into a sever type /vote for instructions.

To view results of the vote live you can visit vote.truckersmp.com. The votes will be open until 23:59:59 UTC the 23rd of January.


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1 minute ago, elevatorman said:

i still don't know what /fix does. i have never heard of that command till this poll started.


It fixes your truck without a trailer currently. The developers are asking about our opinion about it and they made a simple voting system, so they can come up with a final conclusion.

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Why was not a simple form created on the TruckersMP website? I create websites not from today and it would take 2-3 hours to create a poll, protected and working in 100%. It wouldn't require entering the game, and it would be secured by the TruckersMP account (+ without banned players or something). Why so? Again strange things create by the developers. Instead of doing something straight, strange scripts are created and you have to switch to the game.

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17 minutes ago, SDCore said:

^ yep, I was thinking the same thing. It's EXTREMELY inconvenient when there could be something super simple like a Google forms poll or a native website poll. Not everything having to do with TMP has to be an ingame update.

i think when a member has 2-3 google accounts then he can vote 3 times but if you login in game you can vote only for once with you TMPid.:)

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