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New server with enforced traffic rules


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Suggestion Name: new server with enforced traffic rules

Suggestion Description: add or change existing server and enforce traffic rules there, so anyone disobeying traffic rules can get actually punished, for example you must drive by the speed that is shown in GPS/road signs; you can only reach 90 km/h, you can't overtake at roads where it's not allowed and probably some others. People could report other people for disobeying rules.

Any example images: no

Why should it be added?: it would make everything more realistic and I think there are many people who want to play realistically, and they should have that chance.

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Hi @MushroomLTU,


All though that may be realistic and several people may enjoy it (myself included in that statistic), it would be next to impossible to enforce.

Our Game Administrators already have enough work cut out for them on a daily basis, but to then have the extra burden of enforcing every single traffic law in every European country in the map would be a tad bit extreme.


Unfortunately, Multiplayer will only ever be as realistic as the users make it - if everyone wants to go in excess of 150km/h, then it won't be realistic at all. I understand that it may be frustrating, annoying, or any other word you can use to describe the fact that realism is virtually non existent, but in the end it is down to the users to decide how realistic they want to be.

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well this will actually give people a chance to also role play some really good driving with out someone running you off the road-_-....

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If you want this to happen go to single player. As we all know there are drivers in the MP server who like to drive professional and we also know the trolls that like to get out and cause issues. Now yes as for me I like speeding but safely. 

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-1 although it might be “realistic” it takes away the element of fun that TMP was made for, where you can get in and just drive with friends and not be disturbed. 

Not only that but it’s near impossible to regulate such strict rules unless you use automatic systems which need a hell of a lot of coding to be made fair,. 

Not to mention the fact that not everyone deals in European metric kmh so saying people HAVE to do 90kmh is hard when you do t use kmh in the first place.


ideally, the best solution would be to take a dead server and repurpose it with insanely strong rules and anyone who wants to rp being a lonely trucker can go there, but honestly, that element of chaos, that element of not knowing if you’re going to get hit, that’s easily argued as part of the real world, not everyone does the exact speed limit, not everyone pays full attention to the road, if it wasn’t the case, we would get road traffic accidents and fatalities on the roads.


so arguably, if you want realism, what we have now is closer than what is suggested here.

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Unfortunately, red light violations became a common everyday sight.

They are likely caused by impatience and the blind faith in the players positions visible on the GPS screen.


As much as I would like to see this proposal been put into practise, I am afraid that we neither have enough players that are interested in a realistic simulation nor enough administrators to face an additional wave of reports.


As suggested before, one that longs for the maximum realism just sticks as close as possible to the national traffic rules and adjusts his simulator settings and hardware accordingly.


For me, deactivation the visibility of players position on the GPS screen and players names (F11) is a crucial step to not only increase realism but also increase safety.
Combined with useful hardware (Steering Wheel, Pedals, Shifter as well as TrackIR (or similar)) it lays a firm foundation for a more enjoyable experience of simulation.

But that everyone must decide for himself.



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I've stopped at red lights and obey speed limit at first, when i joined TMP community. But after few crashes in back of my truck when i was standing waiting for green light i started to drive on red light just to not loose my cargo (usually i drive with WOT cargo). After few other crashes in back on my truck when i was obeying speed limits i started also to go faster (usually 90kph and i'm still the slowest trucker in most situations). 

If there will be server with more realistic rules i will gladly play on them. If only will be some people on that server, because when i'm playing in multi i want to meet and interact with other players, and not drive alone for miles ;-)



It don't have to be more work for Admins and Moderators. Most of rules should be respected in automatic mode. For example - red light can be done that way. If game can give You "ticket" when You done this, it is also possible to be (for example) kicked from the server when You do this. The same about speed limits. Same about hitting someone. The same about wrong way driving or overtaking in some places. These are ready-to-go solutions from singleplayer, do not have to enforce it manually or oversight it by admins. Of course it is not perfect solutions, but it should work just fine in 95% situations.



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Good idea, but I think it will sadly not happen.


You could just follow speed limits and stuff on EU2.

But you gotta expect thousands of people complaining, honking, overtaking and if they crash into you because they can't keep safety distances, they spam "rec", ...


So I'd suggest you to drive 80, even if the speed limiter says 60 and in a car I'd suggest 90-100, on highways 120-130.

Some people think you must drive 150 kmph, but don't do it, as it increases the chance to crash drastically and its very risky.



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This is a very good idea, but the punishment on this server should be done automaticly. When logging in to such a server, the system of  in  games tickets should be forced to be turned on. Every small offense should result in an automatic kick.






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On 5/24/2019 at 4:52 PM, F U R Y said:

The EU2 server must already comply with the traffic regulations. If someone who doesn't want to follow traffic rules, he or she can choose different servers.

Well most players ignore traffic rules.

And if someone goes the speedlimit, everybody starts honking. I don't really know why everybody is in a such hurry and want to get banned.

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Well I do think this is a good idea like Ashley said, it would be impossible for every traffic rule to be enforced, also if the server is added and the player breaks the rules, if it isn't ramming or anything like that, I do think they should just be banned from that server and should still have access to Eu2-Eu4

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