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  1. Want to hear something unfair? Veterans, that slowly get slower speed limits. That is unfair. Also, ProMods doesn't have Arcade.
  2. ^ You have no limits, but the problem here is - the scale of 1:19, pretty much too small (in 1:10 or 1:15 it would be possible) - performance explodes Cities have a lot of detail and are dense. This is the thing that makes ETS2 explode in performance. You can only have such a stable performance with the usage of cut planes and having not a lot of detail. ProMods is already using a lot of detail and you notice some lags in some spots already. Imagine 1:1 (such as FSG map, FSG already requires a lot of performance) cities. Peformance would just go OOF
  3. Arcade Servers should get deleted pretty much Nobody plays there because of no collision, and pretty much because everyone is at Sim1. I preferred the old system, Europe 2, no speedlimits, drive as fast as you can. The idiots didn't decrease by the years, they more like increased. ^ In ProMods, most people drive in Kirkenes, and that road can be pretty much boring by time. Also, driving always in Iceland is also not something you might want to like.
  4. ^ Hahah, thanks for that one, but I don't know why the moderators then approved my post.
  5. Suggestion Name: Speedlimit adjusted to your played hours on Steam Suggestion Description: Adjust the Speedlimit you can drive with your played hours on Steam. Number of Hours = Out of City limit / City Limit 2 hours = 90 / 50 km/h 500 hours = 110 / 60 km/h 1000 hours = 150 / 80 km/h 1500 hours = 180 / 90 km/h Why should it be added?: Usually, trolls accounts are pretty young. If they want to troll at high speeds, they have to wait a very long time to do so. This speedlimiter reduces your max speed, and people with more hours usually have much more experience in the game. This speedlimit function can prevent many accidents to happen. Obviously, the hours and speedlimit can get decided by the team, but this is a very smart suggestion to prevent accidents. People having 1500 hours have more experience, than 2 hour person would have. Therefor, they should be able to drive faster.
  6. This has been posted already. So this is pretty much a double post here
  7. poland.ball

    Yes or No

    eeh No (I only drive Skoda) Is this forum game fun?
  8. I feel the same, get back to the days where you could drive 200 km/h with the skoda and almost tipped over! But the 150/80 km/h limiter was actually pretty neat. As I played and noticed the 110 speedlimiter I was like wtf. I already suggested that veterans should be able to drive at higher speeds. Like Veteran II 150/80, Veteran III 200/80
  9. I think the title says it all, do you think that Funny Moments-YouTubers break the rules by driving reckless, overtaking or speeding to get video material? I've been watching some videos of them in the past, from youtubers like Darwen or Tony, seeming like the most famous ones. I spotted a lot of people in the clips driving in a reckless way to cause a funny collision for video material. Also - If you think the same way, go check out Merceli88, he stopped youtube but his content is good. He's also the one that founded the "Idiots on the road" hype.
  10. I actually suggested something similiar earlier, but the idea has been pretty much forgotten by the administrators. Suggestion Name: Skoda Improvements 2 Suggestion Description: Add more cabin customization abilities Add an Estate Model Fixing the broken wipers on both UK and no-UK Increasing the weight of the skoda car, which allows you more stability and you can drive on higher speeds with no problems Increasing the HP due to the weight increase I've been messing around with the skoda, and yes, all I mentioned above should be possible. Why should it be added?: The skoda is currently in a big loss when it's about customization and bugs.
  11. poland.ball

    Yes or No

    No, does Apple suck?
  12. First drive started in Poland Rzeszow, driving to Folkestone.
  13. Iceland is the C-D, but its especially Akureyri and Seyðisfjörður road, where people tend to drive. I thought with ProMods being released, competent players would play it but I was wrong and they're doing the same crap as with Calais-Duisburg. Just spread around everywhere and you will still meet players every minute!
  14. Good. But not only that, Ghost Mode should be visible to all players, someone already suggested that but apparently the staff is taking months to implement this
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