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  1. Just as mentioned above. IRL this road doesnt really exist, but most people think its the E40.
  2. As far as I know there are a few leaks that could show SCS working on an Austria rebuild.
  3. @ramguy91 hit A a few times
  4. Now the question is: How many of them are banned? How many of them are trolls/reckless drivers?
  5. Here's a few more commands useful for use. [MP supported] g_suspension_stiffness 0-1 - make the suspension less stiff, useful for offroading trips (0 - less stiff, 1 - stiff [default]) [MP supported] g_cam_window_block 0.0-1.0 - make the camera not pop through closed window. (0 - disabled, can move head through closed window [default], 1 - enabled) - If your number is for example 0.5, the window needs to be half open in order to stick your head through. Only working on all versions below 1.36 edit europe - open map editor
  6. You could do this in singleplayer, but that'd be a high mess as the chassis would not fit together. Also I do not see a reason to do this, its better to extend the existing chassis in blender to your needs.
  7. I am pretty sure many people know them, but ignore them
  8. So, how we going to fix that? By spreading across the entire europe map and driving everywhere instead of focusing on one single area
  9. I'm looking more forward to SCS' coop mode. TruckersMP is just filled with trolls and you are barely anywhere safe from them. But still, these teasers seem interesting
  10. I love it that SCS finally released some more information about that. Hopefully it will replace TruckersMP due to some players opening up public servers.
  11. WARNING Due to the upcoming 1.40 Lightning changes, custom assets need to be reworked in blender and probably need the new shaders applied to it. We don't know if the game is going to crash upon loading or if its just going to show black assets. So, incase you face this issue, you need to rework the asset in blender, or you may need to contact the modeller of your assets to fix it.
  12. Hello @FrankenBeeGaming, you cannot shift the map sectors over. They are pre-placed and the only thing you can do is change the height of the background map if you would like to hide the sectors, but this could make working harder. You also cannot sadly zoom out further.
  13. You don't have to drive on that road, drive somewhere else, i will never understand why players keep hanging in the same spot instead of spreading across the map, that way no place will be lonely anymore.
  14. The TruckersMP community is filled with players that are used to drive max speed and drive recklessly as they watched youtube videos where youtubers do the same. This kept going and now you are unable to fix this issue now, everyone is used to driving the max speed and drive as recklessly as possible. Noone wants to be speed locked, noone wants to have no collision everywhere. The speed limiter is bad for car drivers as they are locked at 110 and can't go any faster than that on highways. The speed limitation is only here because players can't seem to understand to drive properly and at least not violate speed. I think abiding the speed limit should be in the rules aswell, if it would be possible to automatically detect speeding then use autokicks. (Such as detecting a truck driving 110 km/h for a long period of time)
  15. Maybe make areas with no traffic (<50 players) have no limiter, areas with congested traffic (50-100 players) have a 150 limiter, (city 80), and areas with heavy traffic (50-100 players) have a 110 limiter, (city 60)
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