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  1. I'd ban all current admins and get much more and better ones. I feel offended! I will report ya
  2. poland.ball

    Update 1.35 release

    Soure link please.
  3. poland.ball

    Try to get there to 0! (V2)

  4. poland.ball

    Game "Cities"

  5. I am only honking after someone almost caused an accident with me. But in general, I do not honk.
  6. poland.ball

    Update 1.35 release

    Trucks take long to create. Theres nothing to whine about, SCS added a new truck recently to the game. To implement Renault Range T, SCS would firstly need some licenses. This costs money. Also, SCS needs to rent a truck to start up on working. Taking sounds and 3d scanning takes very long to finish off. Later, then the truck needs to get converted to ETS2 and all bugs need to get fixed. Also all paint jobs available in this game need to be adapted for the truck, so new skins need to be created which takes long too. Rather stop whining about a truck, SCS is doing a great job with the work in ATS and ETS2.
  7. poland.ball

    New server with enforced traffic rules

    Well most players ignore traffic rules. And if someone goes the speedlimit, everybody starts honking. I don't really know why everybody is in a such hurry and want to get banned.
  8. poland.ball

    Racing Championship - Summer 2019

    Well, this explains why many people race in the game.
  9. poland.ball

    Try to get there to 0! (V2)

  10. poland.ball

    Do Game Moderators abuse the Police Siren?

    Clarifying in the rules wouldn't be bad. Since ETS2 is a simulation based game, especially newbies might think they need to let them pass or so otherwise they get banned or so. Either add this thing into the game that you NEED to let them pass or just clarify the police sirens and lights just to be cosmetical. Addition: I saw a video, where someone pulled over to let the admin pass and the admin got confused and kicked him for blocking. I think this should get clarified in the rules definetly!
  11. Hello, so many game Moderators like to drive around with ther police car & sirens. My discussion is about, how you react if an admin is behind you with the sirens and lights. Do you pull over and let him pass or do you ignore it? I do personally pull over when I hear a siren and I see lights in my mirror, as I think the admin NEEDS to drive to a destination quickly. I always think if I do not let the admin pass that it might get considered as blocking and I might get banned. So I always slow down, and pull on the side of the road to let him pass.
  12. poland.ball

    Benefits to Veteran Drivers and superior people

    Yes! I want too benefits! 2,5 years on this TMP, so I'd like to get some special stuff. Except kicking and banning... +1
  13. poland.ball

    Game "Cities"

  14. poland.ball

    Screenshots - ATS & ETS 2

    Im ETS2 gibt es nur LKW-Tanken. Etwas gleichberechtigung meinerseits