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  1. Iceland is the C-D, but its especially Akureyri and Seyðisfjörður road, where people tend to drive. I thought with ProMods being released, competent players would play it but I was wrong and they're doing the same crap as with Calais-Duisburg. Just spread around everywhere and you will still meet players every minute!
  2. Good. But not only that, Ghost Mode should be visible to all players, someone already suggested that but apparently the staff is taking months to implement this
  3. I feel like leaving the game to resist ban should lead into much harder punishment. Like leaving the game after a collision should be at least 1 month plus no matter what the ban reason is.
  4. I have thought about something like this always, its useful for especially overtaking to prevent crashes.
  5. ^ Discovery (Map discovery, discovering towns,...) Roleplaying (Life roleplay, Holiday roleplay,...) Also, ETS2 has the perfect atmosphere for driving a car. Physics are adorable, graphics are good, roads are good, its just a well made game suitable for all transport vehicles. Its kinda sad to be bound to one vehicle in such a perfect game atmosphere.
  6. Yeah, its not meant to be taken too serious. I just made it because Minecraft is currently back in hype
  7. The possible removal of the Skoda Car is the reason why I will soon leave TMP. I still don't get it why people give the car the fault that people ram with it. Firstly, I mostly see only truck drivers being trolls, skoda trolls are rare. Secondly, its the driver not the vehicle. The skoda car doesn't give you any ,help' to ram someone. It only speeds up faster, but all in all its just a truck with car weight and car model.
  8. Not often, but yes. Luckily I didn't cause an accident by this yet, but I do only text'n'drive if its something very important.
  9. Lmao, this never happened to me. But obviously you shouldnt drive with 70 km/h into a sharp curve, slow down to 50 km/h and you'll be fine.
  10. You're definetly right, I asked someone why he was speeding and he told me "here is 150 km/h limit".. So I tried to explain him that the road signs tell the real speed limit and he told me that I should shut up and he would report me for ...? While in my past 2 years playing here I experienced a lot of people thinking 150 kmh is the limit, if they're driving this speed on a german autobahn with a skoda, its fine since there are no speedlimits. But its horrible to drive as Skoda 120 km/h in Netherlands or so and see a Truck passing you. I always feel like I am the truck driver and he is the car driver.
  11. ^ Yes, this is indeed a thing in europe too. You need to pull over for them to let them pass, but only if they are in an emergency. If you do not let them pass you should expect a fine and trouble. Here's how one of the cops in germany reacted to people to make photos of an accident and blocking the traffic, so its a similar thing. This video is not only meant to stop people making pictures of dead people it should too stop people from blocking emergency vehicles.
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