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  1. Of course it is not, but the road itself doesn't exist reallife at all. Most speculate its somewhat meant to represent the E40 in Belgium - while roads in the new DLCs and in rebuilt countries mostly do exist in reallife Also @MarkON, great Google MyMaps about speculated roads/exits you linked there.
  2. This is an interesting idea though I'm certain that the active player amount will be low in this server. In combination with the huge SCS default map, it will be very, very empty. And because the estimated player amount is low, this suggestion is likely going to get declined. The main part of the community is interested in traffic, traffic jams and most aren't interested in obeying speed limits or other road laws. Maybe one could combine this idea with a smaller, maybe 1:1 map, where people are more "cramped" into a smaller space so lower player amounts don't make the map feel so dead?
  3. Out of experience I can tell that stop signs are mostly being ignored. And the concept of the 4-way-stop doesn't really exist in Europe. I could only suggest a longer traffic light cycle.
  4. I understand your theoretical problem here. I had a very similar experience before a long time ago. My screen once froze ingame for absolutely no reason but the audio was still playing. And due to the audio still playing, I heard the truck was actually still moving and reacting to my keyboard inputs. The only thing I could do is come to a safe halt and ALT+F4 my way out of the game. It never happened again at all anymore. But I am still fairly certain you will still get a punishment, even if its a technical difficulty that isnt withhin your limits.
  5. The only possible answer from my side would be: Turn all trucks into Skodas. Turn all Trailers into Caravans!
  6. I mean, yeah, we could overengineer the whole C-D road to match its traffic load. But what's the point of that? People get bored of it and find a different road to settle at. Deleting the whole road would just result in the same. I think the most important improvements were already done - the Brussels interchange was renewed and the Duisburg interchange was renewed. If we continue removing other problem spots the whole road just gets boring and people wouldn't want to drive on it anymore. I can only agree with what was said previously - Keep it as it is right now.
  7. Heya, it would be cool to see it being alive again!!
  8. Yeah, i really like this idea. This gives players more transparency about how the experience actually is. It is definetly a good way to attract more of the right players to the game.
  9. Fatigue Simulation, Detours and Road Events will just lead to even more chaos. Are you ready to accept this? Traffic Offenses are okay, but most players with the intend to troll won't really care at all.
  10. What I would support is using the already in-game available AI VW T6 vans used for the escort or adding more features for the available Scout Superb sedan, such as a special transport paintjob patreon-only and an LED board showing an exclamation mark with the text "oversize transport" on it, that can be turned off using the regular beacons on/off button.
  11. Hi there, first of all; Do you have the automatic rain detector on in your Gameplay Settings? That could explain why the wipers turn on by themselves. Try turning this option off. second; Could you provide a video with this odd behavior you experience? and third; Does this only happen in TruckersMP? Have a nice sunday/weekend ?
  12. I enjoyed creating one of the operations and participating in the event. It was a great evening
  13. The scout model car fits very well in my scout extra_d, now I want more of them, inside and outside my car
  14. HI! I've updated this guide now so it meets the 1.43 standards. If you have any questions please let me know either here or on Discord: polandball#9937 (It might take a while for me to respond here)
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