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  1. 3.5 minutes being afk results into a kick? Holy jesus, how would we be able to customize our vehicle?
  2. Welcome, it has been always like that...
  3. Or don't drive at all there.
  4. Not going to happen
  5. A verification system could be an option. You verify yourself to not use cheats when turning TruePlay on and you have a check mark next to your name
  6. Suggestion Name: Skoda SuperB Remaking Part 2 Suggestion Description: Hi. First of all, the current car we have has a lot of bugs. Considering FMOD coming soon with rollable windows, the car should get its next improvement update. I have summed up here some ideas that will make more fun driving the vehicle. - besides the caravan, a roofbox (image included) - adding the SCS Truck paintjobs for the car aswell, for more customization especially for company cars - More rims (can be taken from SCS AI vehicles aswell) (inspired by local-savegame editing where you can saveedit AI tires onto the car) - rollable windows for both sides - fixing windscreen wipers - More interior customization, such as hanging toys, navigation, and so on Any example images: Yes, roofbox: (roofbox is private mod) Why should it be added?: The ideas mentioned above are partly adding more realism, but the paintjobs and interior customization add more customization possibilities for the players aswell. Having the same, clear interior everywhere is getting annoying! The roofbox is also a great travelling (holidays) add-on besides the caravan aswell, considering the caravan is a bit wobbly when driving on the highway. Windscreen wipers and rollable windows are I believe self-explainable. And for anyone thinking, it's a truck simulation game, yes, that's true, but the car is a great addon to the highways only filled with trucks! I would personally like more variarity of vehicles on the highway, and not only the same looking trucks. The car is great for roleplaying or chilling and driving, and I feel the ideas mentioned above could improve the experience. PS.: For my personal skoda mod, I improved the engine power to make the acceleration better. However, considering trolls, I have my doubts that this will happen anytime in TMP.
  7. Hello there. There's a simple explaination. In the Map Editor, the city boundaries are square. You cannot make it in a different shape or rotate it. You can only resize it. The problem is, that TMP fetches the city boundary data because this is the only way TMP could determine that you're inside a city. Therefor, everytime you pass the boundary you will face the speedlimiter. There is a way to fix this, but this would include changing the city boundaries of all cities affected. The way how it works is simple. You create multiple small city boundaries, and make them like that that they don't cross with a highway. The problem is you would need to work alot, and TMP itself would be ~100MB heavier.
  8. Addition to this Post: Writing with colors in Discord (Code Boxes)
  9. We, Modders, personally cannot deal with the Game.crash file. If you are having Modding issues with mods, rather use game.log.
  10. ETS2 MAP EDITOR GUIDE Welcome to this small handy guide on how to open the map editor. The guide is divided through different section where we make different things. More things getting added soon. Table of Content 1 - PREPARATION - Enabling the Map Editor 2 - EDITING - Editing the default map 3 - SAVING - Saving and loading the edited stuff into the game. 4 - TROUBLESHOOTING - Common Problems and issues with the Map Editor -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 - PREPARATION - Enabling the Map Editor 2 - EDITING - Editing the default map 3 - SAVING - Saving and loading the edited stuff into the game. 4 - TROUBLESHOOTING - Common Problems and issues with the Map Editor
  11. Nice to see one of my old posts Remaking this soon.
  12. Rocket League. I have never used them and I won't use them. I used every other asset at least once.
  13. Understandable rule change. Those trailers are looking so damn unrealistic.
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