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  1. If you have discord I'd appreciate if you could send me a friend request (polandball#9937) so we can talk better about this issue and fix it. @Lordminator
  2. Hello @Lordminator Try one of these fixes: - Run with Administrator rights - (If you use 1.38): Rename base to base_map in your ETS2 Installation folder - (If you use 1.37): Make sure base is created and map inside the base folder in your ETS2 Installation folder
  3. According to https://stats.truckersmp.com/ the numbers seem average. Sometimes the player amount goes crazily up but sometimes its at an average number. http://prntscr.com/um1ym4 And you should keep in mind the constant increase of idiots and trolls making more and more (especially veteran) users leave.
  4. @Barbaros. This is not a TruckersMP related issue. @ArcticYuki In 1.38, the base folder in your ETS2 installation folder has changed to base_map. Consider changing it. If it did not fix it, make sure to run the map editor with administrator privileges.
  5. poland.ball

    CB Channels

    > Hehe ok, driving through the map without following the Traffic Rules (especially 110 km/h Limit) also breaks the simulation, too. Well, I do follow traffic laws but whatever. Its a matter of time until speed limits are being part of the rules
  6. poland.ball

    CB Channels

    It is a good idea but it breaks the simulation; CB 19 is a normal trucker channel, and other channels are used for calls, by the police, for data, for oversize transport drivers,...
  7. In my opinion more save editing restrictions should come back, such trailers basically ruin the gameplay. Its the similar case with triples, they look fine but cause unneccessary traffic chaos
  8. The volvo may cause crashes due to the broken cb radio.
  9. In my car I prefer 130-220 km/h on highways and 90-100 km/h on country roads. But I obviously obey the speed limits so I can barely drive the speeds I prefer.
  10. One developer is currently working on the update and they have a real life aswell. Stop asking for release dates, developers and modders hate it. Its ready when its ready. Remember, TruckersMP is the only multiplayer mod that exists for ets2mp. So if programming is that easy - why aren't there by now 20 different multiplayer platforms? Simply because its not easy. 1.38 included a lot of modding-related changes that make updating not easier. Enjoy what you have, TruckersMP is a free service since 2014. I play the game on 1.37 and I'm not giving a darn about Lille Reskin or Idaho missing in multiplayer. We got an almost full europe map and a west coast in the us to play on.
  11. i hate it when I go the speedlimit in my skoda and a truck behind me spams his light horn so i go faster. Every time I am infront of a guy like that i always drive the exact speedlimit, usually I go 1-5 km/h faster.
  12. Basically listening to music most of the time. For calls or sending messages I mostly pull over, but if its an empty road and a short message I do it while driving.
  13. This should be part of the base game, not for patreons only. This is a benefit that can reduce accidents, if everyone gets to have a higher view distance we might potentially have less overtaking accidents! Everyone should be able to have a higher view distance, not only patreons! -1
  14. Make sure your mod with the modifications is above ProMods Map files.
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