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  1. Important Note for Map Modding in ETS2/ATS 1.38+ To save your work now, you have to rename the base folder created in the ETS2/ATS installation path to base_map. Otherwise you won't be able to save your work! I will update the guide as soon as the 1.38 came to official release.
  2. Next post: TruckersMP in-game chat gets closed due to bad behavior
  3. What a coincidence, I do this all time and I do not experience issues.
  4. Of course it is nowhere a requirement, but its simply a small move that saves time and ensures traffic flow.
  5. You are kinda fault in most of these crashes by your fast driving behavior. 1) You simply could've gone straight, you basically fell into the roadrage trap by moving over to the left lane, the driver behind you had to either slow down or drive around you because he thought you would swap lanes. Then as he went to the right lane and attempted to overtake you, you went back to the right lane. 2) Here you could move over for him which basically could've prevented this. 3) That was fault of the guy that had to move over becuase of the upcoming exit. But you were speeding wayyy too much. Could've been prevented. 4) It was your unfortunate that he had a lag right infront of you. But you were going +30 km/h aswell!
  6. Isnt it kinda "racism" to say that all car drivers are idiots? Whatever, its enough that I feel insulted.
  7. Hi there. I am a modder, I haven't really done much in FMOD, but now, it might not seem to work anymore. You would have to modify the engine data which is not allowed. Now, sounds are stored inside banks/guids which you are not able to open. Greetings
  8. @Swat0905 You should first make a folder, lets just call that folder "mymap". In that folder you put in your map folder. So it would look like this: Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod/mymap/map Its the same with mods! Mods are stored in a .scs file, and inside that scs file is the map, models etc. We can do the same just by putting our files in a folder instead of a .scs archive. In my case, i have "mymap" called "e115-polandball", where I store my map.
  9. Fuel is not cheap everywhere. Efficent driving can save up a lot of money, especially useful when on a new profile. This guide is recommended for steering wheel users only. 1. Slower accelerating Pressing the gas pedal only 1/2 can help reducing the fuel consumption. It might take longer to get to speed. Recommeded: Pressing gas pedal 1/4-1/2 only. 2. Low RPM Staying at low rpm reduces fuel consumption aswell. Most trucks have a small blue mark on the RPM gauge. As seen in the image above, the first and second truck has this blue mark. It is recommended to shift up to the next gear when approaching the blue mark. As seen on the very right picture, there is no blue mark. It is best to shift up between the green and red mark, ~2000-2500 RPM. The skoda does not have a mark. I mostly shift up at 3000 RPM. Try to never exceed 3000 RPM for best fuel consumption and still having a decent acceleration speed. 3. No cruise control Cruise control tends to increase the fuel consumption. I recommend to drive without cruise control, but for long routes it is still better to use cruise control AND to shift up to get low RPM. 4. Slow braking When you approach a red traffic light, get on the clutch and brake just a bit slowly. That way you will not loose much speed, and if in time the traffic light turns green you do not have to accelerate again. Sometimes, this trick does not work and you have to brake hard when being near the traffic light. But in most cases, if you do this early, you can save yourself the acceleration time! Simply, your goal is to keep the RPM low and keep the acceleration low. That way you will succeed and save up fuel!
  10. 3.5 minutes being afk results into a kick? Holy jesus, how would we be able to customize our vehicle?
  11. Welcome, it has been always like that...
  12. Or don't drive at all there.
  13. Not going to happen
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