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  1. No no, the problem is that people abused the 150 kmh / no limiter and sped around and caused accidents due to negligance and little experience. It will never come back. If people would abide the limits and drive less recklessly, then we could maybe see a time with no limiters again where we skoda drivers finally are able to enjoy our 130 km/h (or maybe 200 km/h in germany :P) I could even imagine thoughts of a 90 limiter which would annoy me very much. I am playing TruckersMP only in the skoda, sometimes with a caravan hooked on (but then i'm limited to 80 anyways), so i am mostly driving the car speed limits. It's already annoying enough to be stuck at 110 km/h. I miss the time where we were only limited to our vehicle's power.
  2. Hi, the Skoda Mod has been leaked out of TMP, it hasn't been officially uploaded by TMP. Also considering 1.42 is available since yesterday, you can't ask someone to already make their mod support the next version
  3. I personally have the core issue, that when ever I join, i mostly get kicked for unreliable connection, and that is no matter if I spawn in a high populated area or in the middle of nowhere. My PC could be considered medium end, it was high end in 2016 but high end in 2021 is definetly something better than I have, but my PC is still able to handle ETS2 at highest graphical settings in areas with >50 players. Anything above 50 will make my game stutter and the FPS drop below 30. This kick is very annoying, and since there isn't even an option to reconnect without having to let the game close and then start it again makes you take again time.
    1. poland.ball


      How come I appear as Patron? I'm not even Patron anymore 😄

    2. .Pedro.
  4. Hi. I tried it myself and its not really possible. The bus moved a bit, i tried detaching it and the caravan somehow bugged and began dancing in the ground... I'm surprised there still isnt an auto kick added, some vehicles support attaching a caravan trailer but you might aswell just either completely remove support of caravans+weekly vehicles or either enable an auto kick when a bus or some truck is being added. Even though I attempted this in a No Collision Area, i got already treathend to get reported by someone. But it was worth a try Also @[GökBörü] RedWolf [CZ] , no you don't have to save edit or something. Just get a trailer and when you're at the garage or F7 to the garage it will automatically attach the trailer to your vehicle. I assume that truck trailers won't work at all and will result in auto kick
  5. Just as mentioned above. IRL this road doesnt really exist, but most people think its the E40.
  6. As far as I know there are a few leaks that could show SCS working on an Austria rebuild.
  7. @ramguy91 hit A a few times
  8. Now the question is: How many of them are banned? How many of them are trolls/reckless drivers?
  9. Here's a few more commands useful for use. [MP supported] g_suspension_stiffness 0-1 - make the suspension less stiff, useful for offroading trips (0 - less stiff, 1 - stiff [default]) [MP supported] g_cam_window_block 0.0-1.0 - make the camera not pop through closed window. (0 - disabled, can move head through closed window [default], 1 - enabled) - If your number is for example 0.5, the window needs to be half open in order to stick your head through. Only working on all versions below 1.36 edit europe - open map editor
  10. You could do this in singleplayer, but that'd be a high mess as the chassis would not fit together. Also I do not see a reason to do this, its better to extend the existing chassis in blender to your needs.
  11. I am pretty sure many people know them, but ignore them
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