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Community Answers

  1. Happy birthday!

  2. +1 should be added for the aspect of trailer !
  3. +1 from me ! Good ideea for Privacy and for streamers
  4. +1 That's good preventing the lag on the servers in populated citys/roads
  5. +1 only from fact that damage affects job incomes ! but don't affect drive of trucks
  6. [RO]DnZ

    Veteran Title

    Suggestion Name: Veteran Title in Game Suggestion Description: Well my suggestion is like this you should add in game Veteran Title for ex STAFF Names are RED ,Veteran Drivers name should be Green but only from Veteran III + Any example images: --- Why should it be added?: To notice veterans who drives on the roads from a long time
  7. I agree to the suggestion. A time stamp will be useful when reporting chat spammers +1 from me
  8. It would be lovely if we can sleep on emergency runaway xD if we get 100% fatigue
  9. Lovely xD if this suggestion is gonna be accepted we gonna see a low numbers of players who drive's cars :))
  10. Well in my opinion this suggestion is good but we need see how much like's this because there maybe will be someone who doesn't likes so we need to wait and see how much like's that
  11. Am incercat sa fac o cursa de 100 km si am ajuns sa merg in sens invers 500 :))
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