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  1. truckersmp staff I want to say thank you to everyone that keeps truckermp the best mod and please don't stop no matter people complain about. we all love you guys/gals for all the hard work that goes into keeping truckersmp what it is!! and a major thank you for everyone that put their own time into making 1.35 happen. if that means just mwl4!!
  2. if I'm wrong ill be the first to admit it. for example gta 5 on pc uses rage engine. but it uses directx as well that's why I feel directx helps in fps, smoother texture more realistic rendering.
  3. dx11 is graphical smoothness better fps you will see the same thing under dx9 as you would with dx11
  4. I'm not a modder by no means but as a fan of truckersmp and the hard work they put into making it possible for us to interact with friends together on a map. I feel keeping us updated on how the update is coming and what issues are causing the delay and like megadethsteve666 says list the issues maybe someone in the modding community might have a insight as to what maybe causing the bug or crash. getting feedback from the community might help and might not.
  5. how about you just wait until they release the update for online. I don't see you contributing to any of the update and they are doing this for free on their own time. so show some gratitude and stop demanding! how about you get off your butt and find something else to do until the update is out
  6. they did tease us at one point showing players with another player and had npc traffic. but haven't heard anything else about it. that might slow down trolls that like to speed and run red lights. always crashing into npc cars that would get annoying.
  7. crazyace2016


    honestly its annoying when a new update comes out and everytime someone has to come along and ask when is the update going to be out. you had to wait before and you will have to wait again. and the answer is always the same. so just revert back to a previous update and patch for mp and you will see the same answer then as it is now. when its ready you will be notified with the new multiplayer Icon that directs you to both games letting you know there is a update.
  8. crazyace2016

    Scout Car

    isn't euro server 1 have speed limit unlike euro server 2? so why should we sacrifice the way we play in euro server 2 because of the cars when it should be the same in euro server 1 as euro server 2 just without the cars.
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