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On ‎30‎.‎06‎.‎2017 at 5:03 PM, mwl4 said:


New version has been released.


  • New report system *
  • Added encountered players in scoreboard (last 1 minute)


* New report system implements demo system. This means that every players movements are recorded for 2 minutes in back (even if player leaves, the movements are still saved).
While creating a report the game server creates a demo using stored movements (also other data is processed) and saves them in the report for certain time.

From this moment consider using report system in game rather than web reports. 

perfectly work.  Thank You

Моя жизнь - мои правила

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hey fellas im just wondering because its been awhile since heavy haul came out for both games and one got everything instantly when are yall gunna fix the american truck mp issue where others cant see the beacons or oversize banners or flags on the trucks because im sure everyone thats paid for the dlc want to know why nothing is being done about that. 

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Guest Anriandor
2 minutes ago, Jeremyv1990 said:

paid for the dlc


When you also start paying in order to play on the TruckersMP servers and pay for using their network, we can talk about guaranteed services.

As of now, there is nothing that can be done about it, unless the developers decide to change something. The only thing you can do is to show that you are patient and to wait for an update.


Thank you for your understanding. We apologise for any inconvenience caused, however, you cannot take everything for granted as it is a free modification.

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yea no worries dude. Not mad towards anyone im just wondering why it hasnt been fixed yet is all i can wait but i just dont wanna wait years before its finally done you know. yall are working hard at what yall do and i appreciate it very much i love multiplayer driving with friends and others. I just dont want it to be like scs is doing where its only one state at a time because if so everyone that plays the game will either be dead or just lose all interest in playing these games

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ATS MP died months ago, and there are signs everywhere about it despite the denials of the moderators. This community was built around and founded on ETS 2, 90% of the community only owns or only plays ETS 2, and therefore their focus and priority remains ETS 2. If the ETS 2 servers went down on Thursday like the ATS Server it'd have been fixed in hours. 


It was damn near 24 hours before a moderator (not even dev staff) mentioned there was a problem being looked into and now we're past 72 hours and the server is still down with no real word as to what is happening. 


I'll say it a third time. As far as this community is concerned players of ATS can suck on a salty sausage and go to SP or convert to the "better" game ETS 2.


Back to SP. At least there I can have mods. 


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well thats one way to put it zomb lee. but that being said that doesnt make it right to not treat both games equally i mean like really yea one game is played by the majority of the gamers here i own both games all dlcs for both but me being an american i do enjoy playing american truck sim a bit just as much as i enjoy playing euro truck but it shouldnt get biased treatment just because one game is older and popular than the other thats just stupid and wrong.

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Zomb ATS MP isnt dead for gods sake just because sumthing isnt fixed right away doesnt me anything iam pretty shure DEVS have a life outside of TMP and they work on TMP around real life

maybe the reason beacons are not visable is because they are waiting for the update? whats the sence of  fixing it now when the new update comes out they will have to do it again?

Yes i have ATS and ETS if ATS was DEAD no servers would be online --_--





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Just a little PSA for those questioning the new report system.


The thing that majority of users who have said that "my reports aren't been looked at" or "no action is ever taken on my reports" is that nothing has actually changed with the introduction of the new system.


The only thing that has changed is that you now get notified when your report times out. Yes we may be doing less reports now than we were before, but the efficiency of doing in-game reports would be above 80% where at least 80% of reports we do in-game result in a punishment of some kind. 


At any given time during peak times on EU2, we can have as many as over 200 reports sitting in the system, which would take a lot of admins to get that number down to 0 and keep it there at peak times.


It's also not as easy as just "recruiting more admins". Our admins that are new recruits must be dedicated, active and be able to commit to the role, but most importantly they come from within the team and not from the public. So whilst it may seem like the easiest answer is to just get more admins, it is not as easy as it sounds.

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