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  1. Hey there! I have to play ATS since I want to be a part of the big WOT event "Big Sur". I downgraded the game since the mod didn't support 1.31.2. I started the game and connected my WOT account with ATS and logged in. Then WOT says that I can't play this version of ATS (1.31.1). So what am I supposed to do now? Wait for the TMP devs to update the client just because WOT don't like 1.31.1?
  2. Hi there! I just got a ticket for going through a red signal. The signal changed from Green, to yellow, to red in just one second. A small bug that irritate drivers.
  3. Hi there! There are a variety of ways to go about this, but I've found this to be the simplest and most reliable method. The following is what you'll need. EaseUS Todo Backup Download Windows Version Firstly, please download the full version of this freeware and then follow the directions to upgrade the disk by cloning the entire disk to a larger one without reinstalling the operating system and applications. Secondly, launch EaseUS Todo Backup, select Disk clone. And follow the wizard to clone your disk. More detailed steps: How to clone disk? After all steps, you will successfully upgrade your hard disk to a larger one and transfer all the data on your original disk to a larger one in a very easy and safe way. Apart from disk clone features. This software offers a good way of backup and recovery which will effectively protect the important data in your computer. Good luck!
  4. Hi there! That shouldn't be the problem since the game is already installed. If you haven't already reinstalled or if the problem still consists, try to share your game.log with us. The log can be found here: C:\Users\(Your User)\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\game.log Please attach the file instead of copy and paste the text.
  5. Hi there! My theory is that two skins are being used on the truck at the same time. Try to verify your local game files by right clicking on Euro Truck Simulator 2 in your steam library and choose properties. Now click on the tab that says Local Files and then Verify Integrity Of Game Files.
  6. Hey there! This problem has been solved before by updating your graphic card driver. Press the Windows symbol (⊞) and "R" at the same time. Copy and paste the following command: devmgmt.msc Click OK. Locate Display adapters and double-click on it. Right click on your graphic card drive and choose Update Drive Software. Please let us know if this solved your problem.
  7. I did indeed drive a WoT contract. Sad to hear that I can't do anything about it since I can't get regular jobs. I've tried eveything but I still don't get anything besides visiting companies with my truck. Thanks for your answer!
  8. When I have a big job I like to save at every gas station I pass. But the game doesn't want me to do that. For example, I save at a gas station and drive 1 km. Another user crashes into me and I want to load my save at the gas station. When I load it, I get teleported to the exact same spot I loaded from. It's like the game auto-saves it every second and won't let me teleport back.
  9. Hi there! Could you please provide us with the game logs? The log can be found here: Documents -> Euro Truck Simulator 2 -> game.log
  10. Hi there! According to your game log, you got a bunch of error messages (<ERROR> [dx9] Present failed.). I've done some research and found out that this error appear when the game crashes. This problem has occured to many users who most of them say that by updating their graphic card drivers solved the issue. Try doing that!
  11. Hi there! You can downgrade your game by following these steps: Open up steam. Go into your libary. Right-click on the game that you want to downgrade and then properties. Click on BETAVERSIONS. Select the version of the game you want to use. I hope that this will help you!
  12. Hi there! Is this problem only relatable to TMP? Have you ever tried going into safemode? I have no idea how the launcher works, but a lot of Windows problems are solved this way.
  13. Thanks, the update is much appreciated!
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