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  1. Tosh8, I completely agree with you! And the fix command will kill the immersion of the game.
  2. Hello everyone, I am back with good news. After completely resetting windows 10 and reinstalling the software, TMP is now running smoothly again. It is a pity, that I was not able to find out the reasons, why it suddenly stopped working after the upgrade. So the "solution" was a wipe of the operating system (what is no real solution in the way I understand it). Anyway, many thanks to you guys for your help, case closed. See you on the road.
  3. 1. Lets say it this way - since the upgrade to windows 10, I did not experience any issues with other programs. 2. I followed your suggestion (safe mode), but TMP shows the same symptoms, when starting. So what I did now is completely reset windows 10. This way, I should be able to rule out any errors that might have occured during the upgrade from windows 7. Now I have to reinstall a lot of programs, what will take a while. I will come back here, as soon as installed steam, ETS2 and TMP again. Thanks so far to everyone for your help. To be continued...
  4. Confirmed. I installed TMP to default path ("C:\Program Files\TruckersMP Launcher"), and this is also showing up in the registry.
  5. Yes, I know, and I always deleted both folders. Like I said, I already tried almost every solution. I reinstalled TMP now again, and it does not show a TMP folder in C:\ProgramData. Even after trying to start the application. Could this be a hint...?
  6. Thanks for your fast reply. I have the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable installed. And Windows 10 has the .Net Framework 4.7 already included, so this _should_ be compatible, no? My account has administrator privileges, and the slider of the UAC is on "standard" (second from top). Also, completely disabling the UAC (slider to the bottom) did not help. @GGF MD: I got your message, thanks for that. I let steam check the local files from ETS2, and obviously, all is fine. But broblem still unchanged. Any other suggestions?
  7. Dear community, I know, at least a few of you might think "this is a known topic". But I really did a deep search for an answer through the forums (and google, ofc) and could not find a solution to my problem. So here is the story: I was using Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit, and everything was working fine. Then I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 (Home) and installed the current NVIDIA driver, windows 10, 64 bit. (I know, never change a running system...) After that, TMP did not start anymore. After doubleclicking the TMP launcher, it does... not
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