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  1. hello sorry if this has been asked before my CB in my truck doesnt seem to work right i hear people talking but there is no lights on the CB anyone know a fix for this?
  2. The fix @Kamer gave worked 100% had to run as admin why i didnt think of that in the 1st place i dont know thanks a million for the help @Kamer
  3. when updating tmp ats with the launcher i 1st get a could not inject sum dll error message then i get a a exception occurred during webclient request anyone know a fix for this?
  4. I seen someone that got banned for excessive lights or sumtihng on tmp his truck is ALMOST the same light setup as mine can i get a adminor someone to check this truck and make sure its A-OK? lol



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    2. InSaNeNiTe


      @White Wolf.   heres a pic of the rear of the truck both side have same lighting 



    3. White Wolf.

      White Wolf.

      Your Truck looks fine to me.

    4. InSaNeNiTe
  5. having a freezing issue usually only when loading a trailer or unloading other then that fine anyone know of a fix for that?
  6. AWsome Job @mwl4 thx for all your hard work and time :)
  7. Worked thank you very much @[WTLVTC] ismail [TR]
  8. when i log into MP get as far as the profile part mose wont move anyone kno a fix for this? seems to be only a ATS issue ETS works fine mouse moves o.O
  9. Had a good laugh driving from amsterdam to Rotterdam almost into rotterdam in the tunnel someone come flying through the tunnel in a car het hits me cause it was kinda hard to avoid him/her next i get a pm saying "check twitch kid" after that "enjoy ban m8" so i send a friendly reply back "ban for what you driving the wrong way?" lol so iam waiting to see if he actualyl submits this so called "video" of me ramming him wouldnt that be kinda like banning yourself ? oh heres a video of somone ramming me because iam driving in the wrong direction :P

  10. Happy Birthday To all the Birthday Boy's and Girls Today :)  (Including me ;) )

    1. Caricature


      Happy Birthday m8 *clinks beer glass*

      hope you have a good one!


  11. I keep getting a fatal error going on ATS anyone else getting this?

  12. AWSOME job @Kat_pw u guys to awsome work
  13. @HumaneWolf well done man love this theme its really cool
  14. @KubaETS2 plublic beta wont get added theres nosence to add .......add beta now and couple days or so later add the full update? yea no sence doing that
  15. @BigLarge not all 40 admins are on at the same time dude the ones that are on are doing their best trying to keep up with the reports record your game and upload a video to report
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