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  1. Italia DLC Giveaway

    That is my "problem". If i am not set up a notification to the News i probably wont know about it, if i set up a weekly probably getting way later than this, with the daily, and i am already 5 hours late, and actually in the "valley time".. The "2 days later (on Xth of oct.) during server peak time we will patrol" would be a more professional, less randomly organized promo!
  2. Italia DLC Giveaway

    For how long? Since the time of the post or.. since when? Today... In which timezone? etc If you want to do an official giveaway be a bit precise with times, pls!
  3. Videos from Multiplayer

    These two guys were awsome help, respect (2x-ing the video is valid option )
  4. Released

    So still worth using the external, no time-independent option against the most rudest (?) drivers...
  5. Released

    Ok... You should/could?/would? make a queue marker -like when joining to server- to notify about the potential waiting time...
  6. Released

    Reported 2 agressive guy a day before.. still not claimed.... Is this right?
  7. Released

    Also can i ask why these kind of a releases are timed so week-peak times? Ok, the reaction to new DLC as fast as possible, but checking back in months, and wich is not SCS related always goes on friday, so if it ruins things its ruins a lot of plans too... Why not weekly server-low-time?
  8. Released

    My laucher freezes my desktop until i close it... no chanche clicking anywhere, even to the install button...
  9. Released

    So since now we will be kinda forced to report ingame, while we are in the middle of the road being honked, spammed in chat by "f7 and enter", because we need to find the bad guy's ID in the list wich is not shortable by names, or distance.... Excellent solution over sometimes ignored video evidences, because "it not on youtube..."
  10. ETS2 Heavy Cargo Pack DLC Status

    If they make the trailers somehow disabled, i bet the other half is routine job....
  11. ETS2 Heavy Cargo Pack DLC Status

    So then sorry!
  12. ETS2 Heavy Cargo Pack DLC Status

    Khmmm... wintermod? Khmmm the cars integration? All made by the truckers MP staff?
  13. ETS2 Heavy Cargo Pack DLC Status

    How hard would be find a similar trailer-model, and put a big indrustrial-looking box -wich fits the official DLC's hitbox- onto it, and release to the mod, for thoose who not own the DLC. All for compatibility?
  14. Released

    Could you link the page? (I tried to find it, but as far as i went i could not solve it...) Probably the linking will work.
  15. Released

    I have no problem with the name changes, but the login-screen... There is several better pictures than that even here in the forum (extrem tilt, dark, coming-or going truck?). Maybe "the best for the next"-like content wich runs between every bigger version change would solve this. Ok, checked the name. How can i edit the displayed name of mine?