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  1. Thanks! (i completely forgot this )
  2. The title sounds a bit more complicated, than what would like to do.... I would like to apply the same color value to my ETS, and ATS truck, but i dont know where the ingame color editor saves it (when you save a color from the main color to match the the rims and maybe trailer). Could anyone help with that?
  3. I do not have source, but something like REC, or Reportes on a picture, or any ingame-chat based thing could be funny too... Anyways, thx for the effort!
  4. Up until now, all DLCs supported (exept the scenario part) right? (I mean the latest winter camo too)
  5. When i read about it firstly, i hoped there will be a solution to the case -what happened by the way- when i get rammed, hard, and my engine stalls for more than 10 sec the getting kicked off from the server (because it is at night time) in peak time when goin back means 3-10 minute waiting... I was wrong...
  6. Why the 10 second rule is stupid as a 10 sec only... https://www.twitch.tv/videos/211450495 Before that my truck was ok. After that the actual, and the 2nd job after that was corrupted, because at the relogin the time changed a bit alredy...
  7. Last day i drove a bit, sure made mistakes, and was included in accidents... But the 10 sec lamp rule is getting annoyed when without my fault (overtaking truck cuts me, unexpected lag in a busier road from smeone in front, bad overtaking in my lane from the opposite side) can result enginde damage so serious wich makes the engine stop, then lights to switch off, then without making any mistake myself a kick from a server... and when the server its on peak time, and 300+ ppl in the queue that is frustrating not a bit...
  8. Why 10 sec to kick? 30 sec more-like... Special Transport Beacons supported? (i mean reason to the sys-kick if detected..)
  9. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/207518629?t=01h17m05s (video will go in 1 week or 2)
  10. Enabled ghost mode for 20 seconds after spawn Best ever update!
  11. Finally Some use of the cars! I wouldl ike to have a system, which creates a convoy in every 10 minutes if you apply or "redy" somewhere, in the actual city where you in, 2 car front, 1 back, and the rest is these big trucks, so leaving cities would be safer + these groups have a uniqe color on the minimap... So much possibilities, but so much restrictions too..
  12. That is my "problem". If i am not set up a notification to the News i probably wont know about it, if i set up a weekly probably getting way later than this, with the daily, and i am already 5 hours late, and actually in the "valley time".. The "2 days later (on Xth of oct.) during server peak time we will patrol" would be a more professional, less randomly organized promo!
  13. For how long? Since the time of the post or.. since when? Today... In which timezone? etc If you want to do an official giveaway be a bit precise with times, pls!
  14. So still worth using the external, no time-independent option against the most rudest (?) drivers...
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