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  1. that's how my problem has been happening lately. as you are connected to steam my computer when I log in to the game does not see that I turn the game off and on also sees
  2. the Volvo added to the game is very nice
  3. I hear a bell for a long time when someone made a mistake.
  4. new maps and updates have made the game different
  5. When I turn on the computer for the first time something like this happens to me when I enter the game does not see profiles. Every time I turn the game off and on again
  6. delete the game and try to install it again
  7. so, delete the ATS file from my documents and try to enter the game again. If you do not Buda re-install the game and delete the files
  8. old scania need to be updated what do you think about it
  9. I think this should be very nice and the updates that will come.
  10. a new modified dlc which truck would you like to come to
  11. Mouse(Fare) ile oynayan arkadaşlarımız. Fare ayarlarınız nasıl? Bu konu altında paylaşabilirsiniz.
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