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  1. Had a great time with at Truckfest 2017. #VivaTrucking #H64 #MakeAWish #FlagshipEvents
  2. ^ Perhaps time to add a new wave of in-game admins then, if they cannot keep up with the workload. No offense to the current admins, I know they're doing as much as they can.
  3. Not sure what the issue is from my end of the report system then. I have reported multiple offenders, driving the wrong way at 130km/h in a Skoda ramming people, being racist on the CB radio - yet nothing is done. "No action has been taken..."
  4. @RootKiller Thank you for sharing! I really enjoyed this read and a little backstory on how this excellent mod came together.
  5. I absolutely love the new trailers! Extremely worth the whopping $4.04 USD I paid on Steam.
  6. Beautiful! Amazing the team got everything done so quickly. Thanks a million!
  7. Well said, @BrandonF76 A huge thank you goes out to the Dev team, but also to the rest of the team for helping with every other day-to-day operation of TMP.
  8. Truly a sad time. Kudos to the team who put this memorial event together in memory of those affected. #PrayForLondon
  9. I have far more problems with truckers than I have ever had with players in a pilot car. I think the pilot car is necessary, especially with the upcoming ATS Heavy pack coming into play.
  10. Preach! People just don't understand the intricacies of coding and how it isn't just as easy as uploading the new DLC to the server. P.S. Can't wait to play the new pack in MP! I have been practicing in SP and these new trailers are AMAZING!!
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