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  1. ErickStrong

    ETS2 Update ._.

    Thank's.. All gamers (drivers) are waiting this upgrade
  2. ErickStrong

    TruckersMP Advertisement Pictures!

    Hi to all truckers This is my photos https://disk.yandex.ru/client/disk/Скриншоты
  3. ErickStrong

    We're sorry - And we ask your opinion on /fix

    OK. We're all wait this poll
  4. ErickStrong

    Why do you go to Duisburg-Calais?

    I used this road If I to drive wiht trailer to C-D.
  5. ErickStrong

    [SCS Blog] Euro Truck Simulator 2 Update 1.30

    New Scania looking good
  6. ErickStrong

    ВТК Интегра

    А когда следующий открытый конвой?
  7. ErickStrong

    A few Random Statistics

    Please continue, very interesting
  8. ErickStrong

    Videos from Multiplayer

    Funny and not very funny. It is a pity that administrators do not always see what is happening in the game. Although it's hard to follow. The cheats is not good. Follow the rules of the game. All peace and goodness
  9. ErickStrong

    New Rank: Game Administrator Leader

    Good luck to all game administrator Team leaders
  10. ErickStrong Released

    Thank's a lot of
  11. ErickStrong Released

    perfectly work. Thank You