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Oh no, not X! D: I use that for my hazard lights!


Well, at least it isn't something I'll be pressing all the time. Though now whenever I want to use the hazards, the CB will come on. And when I want to use the CB, the hazards will go on. I am definitely not changing my key for hazards, though. X is simply perfect for me. With Z and C for the indicators, X makes the perfect spot for my hazards. Better get used to this bothersome situation, I guess... -__-

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Some people should really get a license before even thinking about buying Euro Truck Simulator 2 or American Truck Simulator. Drive safely, folks!



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29 minutes ago, Jeremyv1990 said:

me and all my friends keep getting fatal error crashes and get booted off the game 


38 minutes ago, littlefoot_22 said:

Thanks for the update guys,  really appreciate your hard work. 


Game crashes about 10 to 15 minutes in exactly 


Controllers :Speedlink drift O. Z.  Racing wheel 


Same. Here's a screenshot.

2017-03-27 22_25_42-Game crashed - FATAL ERROR.png


Tested single player and it runs flawlessly. Trying to get MP working is causing severe lag, multiple and frequent stutters/stuttering, FPS dropping into teens (when I normally pull 60 constant), and constant crashing. Something's wrong here, unsure of what. I've tried uninstalling the mod and game, re-installing from scratch for both, nothing. I'm not sure what else I can test from my end.

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i am also getting the Fatal Error when playing MP i loaded fine looked around the map a few secounds then fatal Error then i tried loading again. got in and soon as i press F7 i got Fatal Error again

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