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  1. anyone else having truck/trailer stability issues in game?

    1. Pegesus


      i thought it was the DAF too but i changed to Volvo and same issue

  2. How to boost sales of Scandinavia DLC? Limit doubles to it! :ph34r:

  3. Pegesus

    trailer mod

    Try this http://mikekoch.me/ets2-mobile-route-advisor/
  4. Pegesus

    trailer mod

    Its called ETS2 Telemetry by Funbit https://github.com/Funbit/ets2-telemetry-server
  5. Make sure your PC power options are set to High Performance
  6. Why are you double posting dude, I told you what you need to do!!
  7. You need to have it at the top of that list -- NONE-opt out of all beta programs
  8. Well the image says you have version 1.23.1 so it's obviously not upto date is it...
  9. Update your ETS2 to the latest version via steam.
  10. Does it crash before you get into game, while you are in game and if so how long before it crashes. A little more info might help.
  11. Server specs and how they are configured will depend on the game. Take Minecraft for example which is Java based, the amount of players a server will hold will depend on the amount of ram, if i remember its about 256mb ram per 4-6 players for a good balance. Other games just require a host to connect players and then your own pc does the rest, as i said it will vary from game to game.
  12. Fixed possible crash in garage upgrade with disabled cutscenes. Hope that helps
  13. Thank You TMP for the quick updates and fixes :wub:

  14. Most dedicated servers are usually dual xeon e5's or a 7700k, min 64gb ram
  15. if you are having crash problems, uninstall then reinstall TMP, the update my have got corrupted due to high download rates.
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