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  1. In ATS, everyone's engine brakes are constantly on. It's acting as if the engine brake is the normal engine sound. As players speed up, the engine brake increases and then decreases as they slow down. If they're in neutral and they put the gas pedal down, the engine brake increases with the RPMs then decreases as the player lets go of the gas and the RPMs die down.
  2. Suggestion Name: Add support for the GTM truck mods to ATS MP. Suggestion Description: Create support for the GTM truck mods. Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?: There are several very good reasons. Now, I know some of you TMP Staff may see this suggestion and immediately decline it, but please, hear me out. I am well aware that in the past y'all have said that you will not support quite a lot of mods for various reasons. Especially stuff like truck mods. However, it's clear that things are changing in TMP. Y'all have supported ProMods for ETS2. I have some, but not a lot of, doubt that you will support ProMods Canada for ATS MP when that releases, given your partnership with ProMods now. Y'all have finally created support for Winter Mod on ATS. Y'all have done something new and are now supporting Spring Mod for ETS2. Clearly y'all are a little more interested in supporting some mods than you were in the past. So, you're probably wondering why in the world I'd bring up truck mods? Here's several very good reasons why: 1: For one, the GTM truck mods are no longer in active development. Haven't been for a long time. Meaning, they won't receive updates in the middle of a major game patch. Which means, they will not be made incompatible for TruckersMP until a major game update releases, but this isn't much of a worry. I'll cover why in the next two reasons. 2: The only time the GTM truck mods ever receive updates anymore, is for compatibility when ATS has a major game update. Eg: Going from 1.36 to 1.37, as is the current case at the time of this suggestion. However, the mods receive updates during the Open Beta phases for ATS. Why is this relevant though? A couple of reasons. One, it means that the trucks will be up-to-date and ready to go by the time the game update leaves Open Beta and is officially released. Aka, the mods will be up-to-date by the time y'all start doing your update to TMP, so y'all won't have to wait on the trucks updating. They'll be ready and waiting. Two, the author of the GTM trucks, SISL, is SCS Software Staff now. Meaning, SISL likely has access to the closed, internal betas for each update. Which means, SISL likely starts work on updating the GTM trucks for compatibility before the Open Beta phase releases. (This probably explains why they were updated for 1.37 Open Beta compatibility so fast). In other words, it's very unlikely the trucks will ever be incompatible/not updated before the game updates release and y'all start your work. TL:DR for this paragraph - Essentially, the trucks will be updated and ready to go long before y'all start work updating TMP, so there's zero issue/concern here. 3: The GTM trucks also have compatibility "safety". Aka, they have a version for the current game version, and another version for a newer game version (when they are updated for it), packed into the mods. It basically means that even when the game inevitably updates to a new version (Eg: 1.36 to 1.37), they will still be compatible with TMP when you downgrade your game back to the current version TMP supports, after a new game update. Eg: If they were supported right now, when 1.37 releases, and you downgrade your game back to 1.36.x to keep playing TMP, the trucks would still work in TMP. It's a little difficult to explain this to normal users, but anyone who's dug into the files of some mods will know what I mean. I'd sure hope the TMP Devs know what I mean, at the very least. 4: The GTM trucks are of SCS-level quality. They use a truckload (pun intended :P) of parts from the SCS trucks. For the KW T800, KW W900B, and PB 567, they all use the interior of an SCS truck. The T800 and W900B use the SCS W900 interior. The 567 uses the SCS 579 interior. And... I'm not sure about the T610, but it might use the SCS T680 interior. I don't like the T680, never drive it, so I can't say for certain, but given the other three GTM trucks use SCS interiors, I'd imagine the T610 does as well. They also use the engines (including stock SCS sounds) and transmissions from the SCS trucks for their respective brands/models. The T800 and W900B use the SCS W900 engines/transmissions. The 567 uses the SCS 579 engines/transmissions. The T610 is a bit different though in that aspect. It uses a Euro engine and only has two transmissions. The trucks use a lot of the customization parts from SCS trucks as well. Honestly, the GTM trucks are like, 90% SCS parts, 10% custom parts. Because of this, they are not performance killers like a lot of other truck mods are. They're no worse than the SCS trucks in terms of game performance. But I'm sure you're getting the idea by now, so moving on. 5: This one is probably the most important point to make out of all the others, will be a hefty read, and a kinda chunky paragraph count. So strap in: There are a few pretty commonly voiced reasons of why people don't really play ATS MP right now. One of those is that there just isn't enough players on it, so other people don't want to play, because of the largely empty roads. This issue is an oxymoron though, and could be solved very easily, but that's for an entirely different discussion. Some don't play ATS MP because there's a "lack" of map size/map content when compared to ETS2. However, the one reason I'm talking about, the reason why I'm trying my absolute best to make a convincing argument to suggest supporting the GTM trucks, is that some players find the lack of truck models/brands in ATS, to be very off-putting. The game is extremely limited right now in terms of trucks. We all know that SCS are trying their hardest to secure more licensing and get more trucks in the game, but we all also know it will take quite a while before ATS has anywhere near the amount and diversity of trucks that ETS2 has. TruckersMP Devs and Higher Staff, please listen to me very carefully. I know I've given y'all an extremely hard time in the past, but please put aside any grievances you may have with me over it, for just this moment, and take these words to heart: You guys, TruckersMP, are in a very unique position. You are literally the only multiplayer mod out there right now for ATS and ETS2. You have an utterly massive community. As I'm sure you're more than well aware, ATS is less popular than ETS2. ETS2 has a ton of users playing it on both MP and SP. ATS is still relatively new compared to ETS2. ATS is lacking content, and while that is being remedied by SCS, it's being done, expectedly, kinda slowly. However, you, TruckersMP, can help out ATS in a much, much shorter time-frame. There are clearly people who want to play ATS MP, but are turned off of it for one reason or another. You have a unique opportunity to help ATS grow more, through mostly eliminating one reason as to why people don't play ATS MP. And that opportunity is through supporting the GTM truck mods. I can only imagine that they would likely be super low maintenance once support is created (I'm fairly sure creating support to begin with is the hardest part here), given their halted development, but active compatibility updates. Which is next-to-no difference in how the development of the weather mods you currently support are maintained/updated. And in supporting the GTM truck mods, you add 4 new trucks to the game, to add more variety to the game while SCS does their thing. Please. I implore you to think hard on this. Think of the good that you can do for ATS as a game, for the ATS MP community, who, and yes I'm bringing this up here, a fair amount of feel neglected by you, whether they've publicly voiced that feeling or kept it to themselves. You can do some major good here, to help out a game that is struggling on TMP. Please, please, take a serious consideration here for supporting the GTM truck mods. Show ATS a little love and compassion. Give it a little nudge, help it along a little by adding a little more variety to the available trucks in the game, with the GTM truck mods. If there was ever any perfect candidate for truck mods to be added to TMP, it would be the GTM trucks, as they're in a fairly unique position themselves. Their "development" situation is identical to that of the weather mods you're supporting, they're fairly popular truck mods, and they are of such an unparalleled level of quality, with no hit to performance, that one could easily mistake them as having been made by SCS themselves and having been part of the game from the beginning.
  3. No-one ever said people have to dedicate whole days to testing. Just like how everyone who currently volunteers their time to any project like this, there are surely many other people who'd be happy to volunteer their time to testing if it meant that the mod would have much smoother updates. The fact you assume it still needs to be a full time job is ridiculous. The multiple different types of hardware needed for more conclusive testing would already be handled under a dedicated testing team. That is unless y'all TMP Staff are somehow magically running the exact same system configurations. Which I'm sure we both know isn't the case, so that's a poor excuse/argument. I am well aware of how just one person working on a project can be difficult. I see it literally daily as I'm part of a mod dev team for a Fallout 4 mod. While there are others on the dev team that help out on occasion, about 90% of the work is done by one man. I myself have slowly started learning some smaller things to help out where I can, because I have more than enough free time. So I also can understand that. And it really doesn't look like much testing happened at all. And I do actually know what an alpha is. We have many of our own alphas, internally, for the Fallout 4 mod that myself and the team I'm with work on. (I understand comparing something like a Fallout 4 mod to a mod like TMP isn't the same codewise, but I can bet there are more similarities than you'd think there are in various aspects of either) I never said or implied that you get content earlier than anyone else. However, it seems extremely foolish to me to release an update that would have obviously been made immediately obsolete. It was wasted time and effort. There is no defense or excuse for this. No, I don't pay attention the TMP social media. I could honestly care less to pay attention to it. However, that doesn't mean I'm blind to all the people complaining about wanting an update. I deal with such a thing on a near daily basis myself. As mentioned above, I'm with a Fallout 4 mod dev team. We hear the whining and complaining and demands for update releases constantly. Especially from the more "vocal minority" of our Xbox userbase. However, the difference between us and TMP? We have a thick skin and we stand our ground. We don't bend to people demanding updates. We care about the quality of our work, and we know that even if it takes a few weeks, or even a month, or hell even longer, to get an update out? We know that those same people demanding an update be released ASAP will still be there after however long it takes to get an update out. It's a trade-off you have to make between people whining for an update, or people whining that the update is broken because you decided to cave and discard quality. It's a shite situation either way because the players will whine either way. But at the end of the day, it comes down to if you, as a developer, truly care about the quality of your work, or if you only care to cater to the most "vocal and demanding" of your userbase, which we all know are the people constantly complaining for updates to be released as quickly as possible. I'm sure there are a lot of people who play TMP who feel the same way as I do, who are tired of the broken and rushed updates, and would rather wait a few weeks if it meant getting more stable updates, but who decide to sit silently and just let it go for whatever reasons. I was one of them. I chose to sit mostly silently while update, after update, after update, released broken. And to be perfectly honest, I've been much more vocal about the neglect shown to ATS MP and the blatant spoiling ETS2 MP gets. I've been more vocal about that than I have been about every single TMP update being broken time after time after time. But now? No. I've had enough. Despite my grievances with TMP, y'all are literally the only multiplayer option for the sims, so I still play the mod when updates come to support the newest game updates and map expansions. But I'm done being silent about this. Also, you already have a situation with supporting ProMods where some people just flat-out won't be playing TMP because the ProMods Servers aren't currently supporting 1.36 and RttBS. And they'll be waiting for however long it takes ProMods to update for the new content. But you know what? When ProMods does update for 1.36 and RttBS, and the updated support for ProMods on TMP comes? They'll come right back to it. No matter how long it takes. Why? Because you're the only mod that offers a multiplayer experience. And whether they like the wait or not, they have no other choices. So it ain't gonna hurt anything if people have to wait for base game support too. Will the wait suck? Yeah. It's gonna suck big time. For both the TMP Team and the players. But when the wait's over, and the updates come and are actually relatively stable for once? The wait will become worth it. You probably won't know how it feels, because y'all rush updates, or maybe you will know how it feels, because y'all have put some time and care into stuff like ProMods support and some of the special events, but the feeling you get when you release an update, after bearing and putting up with the many complaints and whining for instant updates, and the community reaction to the stable update is so much greater and positive, the feeling is indescribable. You feel so much pride, knowing you put your heart into making the update good for once, despite the demands for instant support, despite how long it might have taken. And that? I don't know about you, or the other TMP Staff, but to me? That matters so much more than just simply "making people happy and shutting them up" about supporting the newest game updates. If people are gonna complain and whine either way, wouldn't you much more rather it be complaints and whining about the updates taking longer to come out, than be because the update came rushed and broken? I know what I'd rather it be. And you know? Tell you what. If y'all make a dedicated testing team to test TMP updates for a week or two internally before they officially come out, I'll apply for it. Because, despite my grievances and issues with the Truckers MP mod, I do like to play it from time to time. And I really would like to see it become much more stable every update rather than being broken every update. And you can keep your apology. I'll accept it when, and ONLY WHEN, updates don't come rushed and broken. I've got a little saying that I like a lot. And I apply this saying to my position within the Fallout 4 mod dev team pretty regularly. You may have seen it in my profile pic if you look closely at it (now that I've updated my profile pic. I don't log on here often so it was still an older one. But now you can see it). It goes a little something like this. "Acta non verba". It's Latin. I think it's pretty clear without translation, but if you can't make out what it means, go ahead and translate it. You say you prefer to do real work than talk. But so far, with every update coming broken not even 24 hours after a game has been updated? All I've seen is talk and no real work. Real work would look a lot more stable. Real work would take a much thicker skin and trading one type of complaint for another. Y'all have a good day now. I've said my piece. I've made my complaints and feedback known. Though, I highly doubt y'all will change. I bet y'all will keep caving to people whining for fast updates and keep pushing broken updates, rather than ignoring the people who want it fast and putting some care into improving the quality of your work. But go ahead and feel free to prove me wrong when 1.37 comes. I'll be back to watching silently.
  4. You clearly aren't paying attention to the context... You say a lot of the errors people are talking about are because of the new update changing quite a lot. And I replied with the fact y'all have had an entire month to look at ATS' 1.36 update to get a good idea of what ETS2's 1.36 update was gonna look like, since they share a lot of the same code. And so I asked why y'all hadn't spent the month learning what all changed. I then mentioned it seemed like a wasted opportunity, or might have simply been laziness on the devs part. Because it looks pretty clear that y'all didn't bother learning what changed at all, given the amount of horrendous bugs present in this latest TMP patch. And, to be honest, I really shouldn't be surprised. I really should expect this by now. Y'all also don't seem to understand the concept of testing internally before pushing updates. And before you say "You guys are the beta testers", even SCS has loads of internal testing before any beta is made public. No reason y'all can't start your own internal testing team. So, rather than be smart about updates, y'all patch the mod up to barely running and then push it immediately. You also don't seem to care about timing updates. The release date for RttBS was known for about... A week before it released. The release date was announced November 28th. https://blog.scssoft.com/2019/11/road-to-black-sea-release-date.html I find it extremely hard to believe y'all didn't know the release date. So, instead of waiting for RttBS to also release and to work on support for it, y'all immediately push an extremely broken update for TMP to "support" 1.36 a day before the DLC drops, and wasted a load of time in doing so because the update was made near immediately obsolete by RttBS releasing. And don't even try to say you weren't expecting SCS to release another patch with the DLC release. Because anyone paying attention even in the slightest, to previous DLC releases, should know that additional patches accompany DLC releases, especially map expansions. Y'all are REALLY bad at what you do. It's sad, honestly. Y'all have been developing Truckers MP for what... 4? 5 years now? And rather than be smart about updates, y'all cave to people demanding the latest patches be supported immediately, and in doing so you rush out broken updates. Y'all realize all the people demanding "updayte nao!" will still be here if you take a week or two to update, test internally, and make sure the update is gonna be relatively stable and bug free? Like. They're not going anywhere. There is literally no reason to rush updates. At all. Take this however you wish, but: Grow a thicker skin. Toughen up, nut up, and ignore demands for the latest patches to get supported. Start being actual developers and start doing things the right way. If it means a TMP update ends up being delayed until after New Years? So be it! At least then we, the players, can be assured the update will actually work correctly for once and not be a broken mess that was clearly rushed and had no thought put into it.
  5. I don't know if y'all are aware, but the game code between ATS and ETS2 is nearly identical. How would I possibly know this? Well, SCS has said it themselves. Remember when ATS used to be on like 1.6? While ETS2 was on something like 1.18? (not meant to be accurate, but meant to give you a picture of how it used to be a year or two ago). And you see now how ATS and ETS2 are on the same patch level and getting about 99% of the same features each update? Yeah... Y'all remember why that was? It was because over two years ago, SCS announced during a new open beta that they'd be bringing the two games in line with each other, with the same version numbering. This was originally for communications purposes, but IIRC, later on went to bringing the two games to the same feature and code level. This was so they'd have less work to do by having the games share damn near identical code to each other. Proof? Here: https://blog.scssoft.com/2017/07/american-truck-simulator-128-open-beta.html And more proof, by them literally saying, and I quote, "In the frenzy of releases at the end of last year, we have not managed to sync the codebases of American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2 to the same revision.": https://blog.scssoft.com/2018/01/american-truck-simulator-130-update.html So, while ATS had 1.36 for over a month, why weren't y'all using ATS 1.36 as a learning base for what all had majorly changed so y'all would have had a better idea for what changed in ETS2 as well? Seems like a wasted opportunity to me. Or laziness? Also, why bother supporting 1.36 a day after ETS2 got it when everyone knew that RttBS was coming literally the next day? Y'all updated the mod, only for it to become instantly outdated again. Like? !?!? What sense does that make? None. It makes no sense. At all. Whatsoever. In even the slightest of ways. Zilch, zip, nada.
  6. Believe me, I've tried everything to get it into fullscreen and nothing has worked. And it's literally only broken on ATS MP. If I launch the game in singleplayer, it's perfectly fine. I even downgraded ETS2 to the currently supported patch and launched ETS2 MP. That launched in fullscreen just fine though.
  7. It's not done this for me in SP. Not in the beta, nor after the update officially released over a month ago. Yet, TruckersMP updates to support 1.36, and suddenly it's forced into windowed mode on launch.
  8. And on ATS MP at least, the game also launches forced into windowed mode and there's no way to get into fullscreen. Game window "freezes" if you try to change the graphics settings to fix it and can only be "unfrozen" by hitting the Escape key to revert the changes. Alt+Enter doesn't work either. And the game process takes forever to stop now after quitting out of TMP. ATS sat in my task manager for about a minute after quitting out of ATS MP before it finally stopped.
  9. Question for the IGAs or any Staff that would 100% know the answer and can confirm whether or not I am interpreting a Rule correctly.


    Rule 3.2 - Trailer Modding states the following.


    - A trailer must only carry bodywork of the correct size.

    - You may mix chassis on double/triple trailers, as long as the layout/chain-type is not changed (increasing the length will violate this).


    These two parts of Rule 3.2 means that if I changed an STAA Double to have the chassis length/bodywork/collisions of a Turnpike Double, that I would be breaking Rule 3.2, correct?

    1. Sanguinem Luna

      Sanguinem Luna

      I'm not so sure, as it's changing the length of a chain-type, which they say isn't allowed. And I fully expect that TMP wouldn't allow something like that, because that'd be how they are. Which is why I'm wanting an IGA or Staff to answer so that the information is 100% correct and there's no mistake.

  10. Oh, what a surprise. No Winter mod support for ATS this year. Again. I totally didn't call that or anything... /S
  11. Time for TruckersMP to unban all the players they banned for using TPDs before. It was a stupid part of the rule that shouldn't have been a part of it to begin with. I can understand banning players with 3 or more 45+ foot trailers. But to ban players for having a configuration that is legal in the US was a bad move on their part. I would hope TMP issues a formal apology to all the players they banned who were using TPDs. C'mon TruckersMP. Own up to your bad decision.
  12. Happy birthday! 




    -Arctic Wolf 

  13. So, it snowed in California. In Sacramento. In the city. ATSMP Snow Mod when? ;) Can't claim that you won't add a snow mod for ATSMP because "it never snows on the West Coast" now. It has, it does and will continue to do so, even if rare.

  14. ^ This isn't a convoy though. This is an entirely different special event. Big difference.
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