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  1. In ATS, everyone's engine brakes are constantly on. It's acting as if the engine brake is the normal engine sound. As players speed up, the engine brake increases and then decreases as they slow down. If they're in neutral and they put the gas pedal down, the engine brake increases with the RPMs then decreases as the player lets go of the gas and the RPMs die down.
  2. I don't think TMP will suffer from the official multiplayer. Pavel said they had two visions for official MP. One was a type of unified VTC system interconnected with World of Trucks, that I don't think will actually be multiplayer, but more like an in-game hub for VTCs to set up and manage their companies, instead of doing it through their own sites. And the other vision, as others have said, will just be a small co-op style system with you and several friends in a lobby with AI. Although I do hope mod support will be part of the official MP. Sweet, sweet realistic engine sounds, custom paint
  3. Suggestion Name: Add support for the GTM truck mods to ATS MP. Suggestion Description: Create support for the GTM truck mods. Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?: There are several very good reasons. Now, I know some of you TMP Staff may see this suggestion and immediately decline it, but please, hear me out. I am well aware that in the past y'all have said that you will not support quite a lot of mods for various reasons. Especially stuff like truck mods. However, it's clear that things are changing in TMP. Y'all have supported ProMo
  4. No-one ever said people have to dedicate whole days to testing. Just like how everyone who currently volunteers their time to any project like this, there are surely many other people who'd be happy to volunteer their time to testing if it meant that the mod would have much smoother updates. The fact you assume it still needs to be a full time job is ridiculous. The multiple different types of hardware needed for more conclusive testing would already be handled under a dedicated testing team. That is unless y'all TMP Staff are somehow magically running the exact same system configurations. Whi
  5. You clearly aren't paying attention to the context... You say a lot of the errors people are talking about are because of the new update changing quite a lot. And I replied with the fact y'all have had an entire month to look at ATS' 1.36 update to get a good idea of what ETS2's 1.36 update was gonna look like, since they share a lot of the same code. And so I asked why y'all hadn't spent the month learning what all changed. I then mentioned it seemed like a wasted opportunity, or might have simply been laziness on the devs part. Because it looks pretty clear that y'all didn't bother learning
  6. I don't know if y'all are aware, but the game code between ATS and ETS2 is nearly identical. How would I possibly know this? Well, SCS has said it themselves. Remember when ATS used to be on like 1.6? While ETS2 was on something like 1.18? (not meant to be accurate, but meant to give you a picture of how it used to be a year or two ago). And you see now how ATS and ETS2 are on the same patch level and getting about 99% of the same features each update? Yeah... Y'all remember why that was? It was because over two years ago, SCS announced during a new open beta that they'd be bringing the two ga
  7. Believe me, I've tried everything to get it into fullscreen and nothing has worked. And it's literally only broken on ATS MP. If I launch the game in singleplayer, it's perfectly fine. I even downgraded ETS2 to the currently supported patch and launched ETS2 MP. That launched in fullscreen just fine though.
  8. It's not done this for me in SP. Not in the beta, nor after the update officially released over a month ago. Yet, TruckersMP updates to support 1.36, and suddenly it's forced into windowed mode on launch.
  9. And on ATS MP at least, the game also launches forced into windowed mode and there's no way to get into fullscreen. Game window "freezes" if you try to change the graphics settings to fix it and can only be "unfrozen" by hitting the Escape key to revert the changes. Alt+Enter doesn't work either. And the game process takes forever to stop now after quitting out of TMP. ATS sat in my task manager for about a minute after quitting out of ATS MP before it finally stopped.
  10. Question for the IGAs or any Staff that would 100% know the answer and can confirm whether or not I am interpreting a Rule correctly.


    Rule 3.2 - Trailer Modding states the following.


    - A trailer must only carry bodywork of the correct size.

    - You may mix chassis on double/triple trailers, as long as the layout/chain-type is not changed (increasing the length will violate this).


    These two parts of Rule 3.2 means that if I changed an STAA Double to have the chassis length/bodywork/collisions of a Turnpike Double, that I would be breaking Rule 3.2, correct?

    1. Sanguinem Luna

      Sanguinem Luna

      I'm not so sure, as it's changing the length of a chain-type, which they say isn't allowed. And I fully expect that TMP wouldn't allow something like that, because that'd be how they are. Which is why I'm wanting an IGA or Staff to answer so that the information is 100% correct and there's no mistake.

  11. Oh, what a surprise. No Winter mod support for ATS this year. Again. I totally didn't call that or anything... /S
  12. Time for TruckersMP to unban all the players they banned for using TPDs before. It was a stupid part of the rule that shouldn't have been a part of it to begin with. I can understand banning players with 3 or more 45+ foot trailers. But to ban players for having a configuration that is legal in the US was a bad move on their part. I would hope TMP issues a formal apology to all the players they banned who were using TPDs. C'mon TruckersMP. Own up to your bad decision.
  13. I know how to turn it off. And I don't turn the volume to zero. I turn it almost to zero, because a lot of people don't know how to adjust settings or keep the mic out of their mouths. Sometimes I will leave it on though, for some reason, that I can never explain to myself. And then I always regret leaving it on as soon as I encounter one of the many things I mentioned... BUT! I hardly play TMP anyways, so the CB honestly doesn't matter much to me at all.
  14. Whenever I actually do play TMP (Once or twice a year, if that, even), I never use the CB. Even if I have the CB volume turned down to basically zero, I still get my ears blasted out by kids with their mic so far down their damned throats, you'd think you're back in the mid to late 2000's playing Call of Duty MP with how they're screaming at each other and basically blowing their mics. And the odd occasion you get someone playing and/or blasting music through their mics. Or you roll up to and/or past an "accident" where either A: Trolls are faking an "accident" to hold up traffic (Perfect exam
  15. Happy birthday! 




    -Arctic Wolf 

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