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  1. Happy Birthday 🎉

  2. You know when you have many great friends and you all are hanging out on TMP in Las Vegas in ATS. i was helping protect a friend from a stranger who has been hurassing my friend and constantly ramming others and the one time i block them from ramming my friend and also Ram them in return for ramming many of my other friends. (yeah i got banned for it) i will wait out the ban but hurassment and racism and multiple reports against the person went unturned and a light ban for them happens even though knowing they had soul intent of breaking rules. its not right but it is what it is nobody is losing sleep but i will always stand up for friends i have known for a very long time and if someone that was perma banned before yes they should have at least 1 chance but when they still intend to break the rules then they deserve to hold that perma ban. as i stated though i will wait out my ban. i hope my friends can at least enjoy tmp now!!
  3. UPDATE 1.44 Released for ETS2 and ATS now so pre- predict TMP update in a week?
  4. Step 1: Uninstall TruckersMP Step2: Restart your computer (Reason for this is the ATS/ETS2 Core.dll are still active for unknown reason) Step 3: Delete the Hidden Folder in the hidden ProgramData 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: You may need to scroll to find Last picture!! After you have done this go ahead and Reinstall TruckersMP and Also be sure to allow it through your Firewall and for Antivirus Remember to Excempt it from blocking the HTTPS// connection Port i will provide a HTTPS for the URL you can exempt from your antivirus!! (antivirus URL Exempt) http://download.ets2mp.com/files/core_atsmp.dll <This is not a Link!!!!
  5. 11 is out of date. please update!!!
  6. Happy Birthday ?

  7. Happy Birthda tooo youuu i wish you the best :) 

  8. is the new truck in truckers MP yet for ATS?

    1. MaverickTD


      Yep, released a good few hours ago.

  9. @Digital i am curious to know how long does testing take?
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