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  1. It is now fixed because I've just logged in successfully. Happy new year! Happy trucking! Thanks Truckersmp team!
  2. Awesome, just bought Vive la France! DLC. Will try multi very soon. Thank you mwl4!
  3. It will soon be locked. Patient my friend.
  4. I guess this is the price for releasing too early with little time for bug testing/fixing. The last one was so smooth that it took almost 2 weeks. Thanks Mwl4!
  5. Instead of bitter words that hit like blades of sword, would you take a little time to find a way to support them please? It's just normal to show that you care for other things and people in a positive way. It just feels right, buddy. There was a time that I did my main job daytime and my not-job night time. It was fun, happy but tired too. I felt completely exhausted but it served my ego well. I've learned a lot thanks to that time. I'm not trying to lecture you here, god, who am I to lecture a stranger? But we're all here because we love trucking, we love the feeling of sitting in the cabin, seeing things from above (although just 1 meter higher), sunrise from the right, yellow light rays stab your eyes, on your left are the naughty kids whose trucks are soaked in devilish paints, honking and flashing their headlights like crazy. I can't forget the feeling (when Winter mod was still available) when it was winter here, at my place, I was with my son on my lap, drinking hot coffee, outside our house was cold wind and raining and you know what, it was snow falling hard outside my truck too. I drove and my son took care of signal light and did the honking. It was a precious moment. It was called happiness, my friend. I'm not trying to show off or prove that I'm a hardcore fan or someone who deserves anything good and this is my very first time that I've actually donated to a software dev. To me, Mwl4 has done a great job. I owe him the moments I've been enjoying with my son. That's enough for me. (Sorry for my English)
  6. Show your support, guys http://truckersmp.com/en_US
  7. Hmm. I've just bought Spain paint job and the server kicks me out with error message: "You were kicked from the game. Reason: Invalid accessory set detected. Please change your paint job". Of course I would change my paint job so I can play but I just want to let you guys know about it.
  8. I love you, mwl4. You must have worked non-stop in the last 7 days. Take my virtual energy!
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