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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday ! 

  3. Problem solved, thank you all for participating
  4. random road events spoil life, remove the collision from them
  5. Why is he kicking me for a trailer with a bulldozer? from mods I only have a mod on the cabin 6x4
  6. While on the servers there are Turks this is not a multiplayer ........... and from the reports there is no sense as from the administration in the game itself ...... The congregation of non-idle players....
  7. I downloaded this update for more than 30 minutes ....... 2 times the download was interrupted
  8. Everything is clear without translation
  9. Very fast Thank you))
  10. When the administration begins to severely punish violators and react to reports, every evening in homburg there are many players who deliberately interfere with the other large number of them from Turkey ...... Take measures or recruit more moderators for each city
  11. Sometimes players trailer stands sideways on the second
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