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  1. I tried 1.38 open beta, SSAO feature added shadow and a bit of brightness especially to new graphics and Lille city has been updated and applied to the new version for fmod and truck horn sounds have been updated, hopefully it will adapt soon when debut.
  2. the launcher shows version version 74 still I hope everything will be the same soon thanks for your efforts
  3. Will there be a transition to the latest version for ets2? the current version is a bit bad in terms of sound
  4. the last 3 days on the move, especially when the download is very drop fps, for example, when it comes down to 100 and 60'ye sometimes stuck and then the connection is unreable yiyorum how do I solve it? I think almost everyone has this drop problem, would you check the server? because a few of my friends had the same problem.
  5. Merhaba arkadaşlar son 3 gündür hareket halindeyken özelikle karşıdan gelenlerden çok drop oluyor fps örneğin 100 iken 60'a inip çıkıyor bazen de takılıp kalıyor ve ardından connection unreable yiyorum bunu nasıl çözebilirim? Sistem Özelliklerim: R5 2600x 32GB Ram RTX 2060 Network 90-5
  6. Hi you must be aware of the latest update on your site has not been notified a few errors caught my eye until now F7 service section is stuck in the player downloads are freezing alt + tab when the game hangs
  7. thank you for the information
  8. Happy holidays, snow mode in January?
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