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trailer for Skoda


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Suggestion Name: Trailer for the Skoda
Suggestion Description: I got the idea Yesterday about the Skoda with a trailer. then the cars will have a purpuse of being in the game instead of just flipping and crashing into you for no god-dam reason. it could also come with a skin for the company or a new "HEAVY DUTY" skin for the Skoda. and a tow hook, of course:troll:

Any example images: yes, I DO NOT OWN THE PICTURE!!! IT IS FROM https://ets2.lt/en/?s=trailer+for+cars 


Why should it be added?:it would be cool that for example a pilot Skoda comes with a trailer. Think about it, it is a TRANSPORT game:Pi do not say that we should add a 3rd.party mod to MP but it could not be that hard to mod in your own version? but it is only an idea :) 
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43 minutes ago, [GER]Loading... said:



TruckersMP don't add 3th party mod ;)


Also there would be many trollers with scout car+trailer.... For example there drift in a curve or so one and it is a truck simulator so many players will use it as a car simulator....

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Hi :)


Well, your idea sounds good. But..naahh.. Nope. If you want to haul anything to any places step into your truck and drive. Driving trailers with cars is just useless. Moreover :tmp: won't add any third party mods. So they have to do it on their own. And like today, there already enough people trolling with cars and trailer -_-

Also that's not how the game was meant to be 


Nothing to see here. Keep on scrolling 🫠

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I'm pretty sure this has been suggested before and denied (I may be wrong tho), and also, if TMP was to make this, it would possibly take quite a bit of time. And with how quick the cars can go and the fact that physics on them arent the greatest as the car is much smaller than trucks (im assuming that would be why), it would probably not end too well in some situations. So I'm gonna have to say -1.

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I agree this is a transport game but cars with trailer, no it looks awkward and I'm sure that there will be accidents because of it. But cars like Ford F150 can be added which are literally mini-trucks.


But as always there is disadvantage or rather challenge:

As you all know trailers are previously loaded with goods and we just attach the trailers with our trucks and drive away but how to load goods in these mini-trucks. Its not impossible but need a lot lot of work.

I could think of only one disadvantage now. Find other drawbacks and obviously tell what u all think of the idea (good or bad) :unsure:?




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