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  1. Stryke


    /pinfo doesn't have to be part of the video, a screenshot is also ok. The menu that pops up when you hit report is also enough, you just need to verify the TMP ID is correct.
  2. Your friend needs the same DLC you have to see them.
  3. Quack quack!! :P

    1. Darth Ducky

      Darth Ducky

      Hiya Stryke. Not been on this crappy forum for a long time but thought it was time to see what changes might have been made lol

  4. You can't If it was possible people with a ban history would just unlink their steam account, make a new TMP account and link their steam account again giving them a clean ban history destroying the whole purpose. With the current system you it is still not allowed to make a new account to avoid ban but at least it's not possible with the same steam account.
  5. Happy birthday mate

  6. How 95% of people drive in ets2mp https://img-9gag-fun.9cache.com/photo/aKVEMBb_460sv.mp4

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    2. _Pingu_


      How most trolls drive there trucks


    3. Lucas Peterbilt
    4. (>^-^)>


      @Mr_Pingu jeez that guy is insane.. i'm glad they caught him lmao

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