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  1. If your are disappointed with the SCS 1.37 update, can you explain why you are disappointed? As i understand it the sounds with FMOD are still 'Work in Progress'? Personally I have only looked at 1.37 on ATS and i am impressed with the update but knowing the sounds are still work in progress i can live with that.
  2. Thank you Snorlax, Having checked out your image I noticed mine was listed as TruckersMP in the app but unlike your image it did not have a email/username associated with it. So i disabled 2FA in TruckersMP account settings using one of the backup codes then re-enabled, scanned code into app after deleting the not working account for TruckersMP in the Google Authenticator and all is working again. Case closed, and thank you so much with the fast response! Regards Richard
  3. Good morning, 1st things 1st, I trust and hope everyone is being safe and keeping safe in these troubled times. 2nd if these is the wrong forum for this post I apologise. OK on with the problem, I have recently replaced my Samsung S8+ with a S10+. I have followed the instructions to the letter to have the Google Authenticator work with TruckersMP on my new device (S10+) which went fine but each time i am asked to input the code to login it keeps telling me the code is invalid so only way i can currently login is using my backup codes for TruckersMP. Only used 2 thus far but if i cant get this resolved i will be eating up those backup codes fast. I have tried to insert the code from Google Authenticator in both formats, 497 430 and 497430 but to no avail i still receive the same invalid code error when logging in. Thank you for any help with this issue.
  4. Hi, If this is the wrong forum section please move to the appropriate one. I have the Trackhat, ps3 camera, cl driver, trackhat opentrack all brought from trackhat direct and first time i plugged it in and tested in ets2 it worked great but since coming out of the game then back in again it does not work, on either ets2 or ats. I have trackhat opentrack to start automagically when firing up ets2 and everything works as it should outside the game but again in game nothing doing! I have only found one person with same problem but he was able to resolve by downloading the opentrack 32bit exe from github and he uninstalled trackhats version of opentrack. I tried this to no avail, One other suggestion was to make sure irtrack was set to on in the ets2 config file in Documents folder which i checked and is set to "1" which = its on. Anyone else got any helpful advise, workarounds, fix, anything? Cheers Churchnilled
  5. Hi, many thanks for your response. I had uninstalled and downloaded the launcher from the website but failed with the same error but I hadn't made sure the .exe file was not running and deleted so did as you advised plus rebooted PC and all good to go again. Result! Thank you. Churchnill
  6. Hi, I have uninstalled and then downloaded the launcher again but I am still getting the same error as image shows.
  7. Having the same issue here. I can normally back down a version but the version it expects is not in the list as witnessed in above posts.
  8. Thank you to everyone who has replied. Thats my question well and truly answered. I think I got myself confused as I thought I had read that Promods was allowed but that must have been for something else. @RayRay5 I will delve into that forum and have a read, thank you. Again, thank you to everyone for your responses they have all been most useful and now I can get back to trucking. Cheers Churchnill
  9. Hi, Did a search on forum but could not locate a answer so here goes. I can play ETS2MP just fine but it does not find the mods, when i fire up ETS2 that finds all the mods OK but not when loading ETS2MP. MP is installed on my D:\TruckersMP Launcher with ETS2 installed C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Euro Truck Simulator 2 and ETS2MP installed C:\Users\Front_Room_UP\Documents\ETS2MP with Mods folder C:\Users\Front_Room_UP\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod Any advice/pointers etc gratefully received. Cheers Churchnill
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