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Darth Ducky

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  • Birthday 08/22/1974

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    Scunthorpe, England
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    Real-life job - Mental Health Support Worker.
    When I drive... The Duck is unleashed. I drive properly, I convoy properly. I am not keen on idiots and power-mad people.
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    Nevada: Reno
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    United Kingdom: Liverpool
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  1. Guest

    I wish you happiness, happy birthday!🎂

  2. Happy Birthday! ?

  3. Hi Darth

    1. Darth Ducky

      Darth Ducky

      Hiya mate. Only just saw that you posted, via my junk email LOL. I don't tend to use this forum much anymore as it can be a toxic place.

  4. Happy Birthday 

  5. MIgEwIk.jpg

    1. Darth Ducky

      Darth Ducky

      Thanks Spat. Keep up your good work (and I'll keep it up at my end ;) )

  6. happy birthday darth 

    1. Darth Ducky

      Darth Ducky

      Thanks C ?. And please, call me Ducky (everyone does).

  7. Streaming the Tango Trans Weekly Convoy tonight (Since I'm Not At Work)



  8. Streaming the ConSecGroup Friday Night Convoy



  9. Streaming the RLC public convoy. Come & say hi :)




    1. Darth Ducky

      Darth Ducky

      thanks :)


      my favourite brand on the game

  10. Streaming time again .... ETS2 ConSecGroup convoy



  11. Hiya Drivers B) I've Made A Highlight Video From Last Nights ConSecGroup Public Convoy. Enjoy


  12. Streaming the ConSecGroup Friday night convoy :)




  13. Streaming the Liprado 3 Year Anniversary Convoy



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