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    Real-life job - Support Worker for people with Austism.
    When I drive... The Duck is unleashed. I drive properly, I convoy properly. I am not keen on idiots and power-mad people.
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  1. Here's a little something that I madefrom this weekends ConSecGroup convoys
  2. It's annoying enough that other multiplayer users try to wreck you...... but when your own friends accidently scare the hell outta ya !!!! LOL
  3. Pics from some of my latest drives..... either on my own, with trucking club members, or on public convoys
  4. Here's a little video edit I made from the start of last nights convoy
  5. Highlights video from the ConSecGroup public convoy I attended on Friday night. Clips taken from my Twitch stream (darth_ducky)
  6. Oh dear..... The Devils Rejects very own comedy driver has been at it again LOL
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