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    When I drive... The Duck is unleashed. I drive properly, I convoy properly. I am not keen on idiots and power-mad people.
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  1. Winter mod, physics mod, arcade server...... total skill move
  2. I have used the same Logitech Driving Force GT for well over 3 years. Hardly ever had any problems with it. Also, I've got a spare DF:GT for when this one finally brakes on me
  3. I guess that would depend on how much of a snowflake the person with power is
  4. And then he lost his World Of Trucks job....... miles wasted
  5. Hi guys, I just need to vent..... So I had a user make it difficult for me as I was trying to park my trailer (they sped in and parked over me, making me have to move out and do the manuover again), and in a moment of anger I typed "thanks for being a douche". Not exactly a harsh statement, not even as bad as calling somebody an idiot..... but the person driving with that user was the Senior Community Moderation Manager, who then decided to tell me to watch my language.... and then kicked me for "insulting", and threatened me with a ban next time (I did also type ok boomer, which is also not bad language). The kick completely screwed my game up and took me a short while (and the use of my Task Manager) to finally shut my game of properly. But here is the thing.... I only used the word douche. Now when in the world did that become a insulting word, even worse that calling somebody an idiot (which is allowed nowadays)? It makes me think that sometimes people with power need to control their actions and use a calmer head. Rant over (sorry if I was being a douche).
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