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    When I drive... The Duck is unleashed. I drive properly, I convoy properly. I am not keen on idiots and power-mad people.
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  1. Darth Ducky

    The Ducks Media Section

    I have spent my free time this week editing together my last video. This video is taken from an ETS2 charity event that I attended last Saturday, "Blue Eyes 2019". Please sit back & enjoy
  2. How about a server for players with over 4000 hours of ETS2 play on Steam (not to mention the 1000+ miles I did before using the multiplayer & Steam LOL) http://prntscr.com/ncshzs
  3. Darth Ducky

    How would YOU cope with this?

    Hi guys, thanks for the responses I have seen already @tattytate I totally agree that we see less of these problems then we had back in the day. The reports were all made when I came back to my PC this morning.... and i noticed that one of the users, mgka, has been banned overnight (possibly an in-game ban or from a report made a few days ago), so my evidence will be hopefully added. As you will have expeienced this sort of thing before you'll know that there is no reason to respond to the troll with agression. I tried to inform them that it would be best for them to stop but trolls will be trolls. I just sat back and let them incriminate themselves, and advised my drivers to do the same thing. After a while I told my fellow drivers to move over to EU4 to deliver their loads while I just stayed sat where I was to see what may happen next. The funny thing was we were right outside of Lysette Logistics, where we were delivering to. You have to laugh at that really @[VIVA] Andy Suter That's exactly what we did in the end. I just like to make sure that if trolls are going to idiots I get the best footage I can for any reports. Didn't spoil my drive, and I only got 5% cargo damage in the end
  4. So, 3 members from a VTC decide that they are going to play a game of completely blocking you off from making your delivery, and then 1 of them will keep ramming you to wreck your truck & your load. How do you think you would feel about this, and what would you do? Well this happened to me and a couple of my fellow users last night. Since I don't like seeing these kind of users on the simulator games I decided to just sit it out and see how much stupidity, and lack of respect for the game & other users these people had. Apparently it was alot. Question.... how often do you guys & gals see these kind of idiots in the game & what is the worst thing that has happened to you?
  5. Darth Ducky

    The Ducks Media Section

    Encountered a funny crash in front of me on the Blue Eyes Charity Event convoy last night
  6. Darth Ducky

    The Ducks Media Section

    Streaming the Blue Eyes 2019 event
  7. Darth Ducky

    The Ducks Media Section

    Rejects on the road. Also, had a great time at Prime's friday night convoy.
  8. I've uploaded my DriveForLife 2019 video if you want to take a look ;)


    1. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang
    2. Darth Ducky

      Darth Ducky

      Thanks. I'm not great at doing this kind of stuff but I do enjoy it, and love watching my videos back every so often :)

  9. Darth Ducky

    The Ducks Media Section

    I created a video from last weekend DriveForLife 2019 event. Hope you like it
  10. Darth Ducky

    The Ducks Media Section

  11. Darth Ducky

    The Ducks Media Section

    Pics from the Drive For Life 2019 event
  12. Darth Ducky

    The Ducks Media Section

    Found an old friend ( @Valheru SLO ) while driving last night, so we went for a drive & catch-up chat. Always great to see old friends still driving around
  13. Darth Ducky

    The Ducks Media Section

    Finished the 2nd stage of the WOT event & got my new livery. Yes it is colour changeable (4 colour boxes)