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    When I drive... The Duck is unleashed. I drive properly, I convoy properly. I am not keen on idiots and power-mad people.
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  1. Darth Ducky

    The Ducks Media Section

    Some pics from Saturdays nights ConSecGroup convoy....
  2. Darth Ducky

    The Ducks Media Section

    Some more pics from the Prime Logistics convoy on Friday night....
  3. I'm live at the ConSecGroup convoy...


  4. Nope, just the normal game. The 2 pics in the middle were just great timing I think
  5. I like to give a couple of beeps of my horn, and a couple of flashes of my high beams at the same time as I pass trucks with trailers. It's my way of a friendly hello. I don't do the same for people in cars.
  6. A couple of pics from last nights Prime Logistics public convoy.... more can be found HERE
  7. Darth Ducky

    The Ducks Media Section

    Pictures from last nights Prime Logistics Public Convoy (over 50 trucks in attendance)
  8. Convoy Streaming Time Again. Prime Logistics Fortnightly Public Convoy Is On Right NOW


  9. Darth Ducky

    The Ducks Media Section

    HTC Trailers
  10. It's Saturday night and I'm now streaming the ConSecGroup public convoy (plus more drives possibly) on server EU#3



  11. Darth Ducky

    The Ducks Media Section

    Pics from last nights "Freight FM's First Public Convoy" with Freight & the Prime Logistics guys. Ducky & Eagle on duty for the Rejects
  12. I'm live on Twitch for Freight Fm's first public convoy



  13. Darth Ducky

    The Ducks Media Section

  14. Thanks for the info. Will look forward to joining the convoy next week
  15. Saturday morning EU2 streaming time