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    When I drive... The Duck is unleashed. I drive properly, I convoy properly. I am not keen on idiots and power-mad people.
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  1. Darth Ducky

    The Duck Is Back In Town

    Here is the last video I made while I was still a Stobart driver, before I decided to spread my wings and move on. Enjoy A couple of pics from drives this weekend I will have a new video to put up soon
  2. Have spoken to Josh and he said we would be welcome to join in the upcoming convoy
  3. Hi guys. I was wondering if you'd be interested in running a convoy where we could all drive together. Maybe tomorrow on ETS2 would be good, 1600-1830 gmt drivetime would sound cool to me
  4. Darth Ducky

    The Duck Is Back In Town

    Pictures from some recent drives (no, not pics of all the fools I see on the road...... although I may have to put them up as well at some point)
  5. Darth Ducky

    The Duck Is Back In Town

    Thank you @Andreea RO & @iLegend . There are lots more videos on my channel.... and definitely more to come, so keep your eyes open
  6. Darth Ducky

    The Duck Is Back In Town

    Thank you. Did you mean good adventures..... or scary adventures
  7. Darth Ducky

    The Duck Is Back In Town

    Hi guys & gals, It's been a long time since I had a thread up on this forum, but it's a new year so let's see how things go. First up is a video I've just posted on one of my channels highlighting the same old multiplayer issues
  8. One of the last convoys I did with my Stobart friends before deciding it was time to go out and do my own thing
  9. I think it's time to start having some fun with what I see on my drives again (it's been a while since I last did this). Apologies to Seb for catching him at the end hehehehe
  10. After 4 & a half years of service I have just completed my 2000th accepted job for Stobart, still averaging just under 800 miles per job
  11. Just completed a 5499 mile job from Norway to Italy going around Europe (as we long Haul division guys like to do). Starting point in Bergen
  12. We did a convoy on ATS, transporting a bunch of Mobile Barriers
  13. Here's a couple of screenshots from last saturdays drive. We do convoys every Saturdays night (UK Time) and other drives throughout the week.