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  1. Suggestion Name: EU 2 Speedlimit when hauling a trailer Suggestion Description: I want to suggest a speedlimit on EU 2 that only aplies when you are hauling a trailer like theone with the contracts. This would apply to truck trailers and the caravan on the rammobile. Any example images: Why should it be added?: I think this would reduce some crashes on populated roads where people flip and when you are doing a lower speed, you use less space when braking. This could be an experimental feuture on trial to see how it affects the community? Thank you for reading! What do you think? DaFusè
  2. There is also a lot of who just come there to do stuff
  3. Suggestion Name: Extended NCZ at busy cities Suggestion Description: If have played this game for a while you know how frustrating it is to "ruin" your truck and it can barely drive much longer. You get to the nearest service like in Duisburg( just an example) and you are met with a massive mess. there is trucks with cars under and on the top. if there was a system that activates NCZ at the WHOLE city and a bit outside and some popups like "You are now about to leave the NCZ". This would eliminate the mess that accurs at the service and other entrances and exits. My suggestion is that the NCZ automaticly activates when there is over 40 players in the city.(The ammount may be Trucker`sMP`s call) Any example images: No Why should it be added?: It would elliminate the massive mess at entrances to companies and service in busy cities.
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