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5th active ban should be permanent again?


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Hello people,


Until recently, the fifth active ban had been described as  "permanent ban". However, this decision has been updated and the permanent ban has been cancelled under normal circumstances. As a result, players who has been criminally banned (reckless driving,ramming,inappropriate overtaking and other reasons) are able to return to the game. What do you think about this subject? Should the old regulation come back? Or are these conditions just fine?

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I personally think the 3 months is a lot more fair. It will give people more chances and deter people from ban evading. A lot of people make small mistakes, which they receive bans for. Racking up bans for little mistakes could've easily resulted in a permanent ban with the 5th ban being 3 months. If they continue to violate the rules, with the current changes of the 5th+ ban being 90 days, they'll just keep on getting 90 day bans.


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Hello truckers. 

Well we all make mistakes in life, and I've made mistakes and been


So let's see some situations here. 

After 1 year all bans are cleared, to be permanently banned you must have 5 bans within 1 year. 

Do I agree with the end of the permanent ban for some situations? NOT. 

Right now TMP is just Trolls who spend their lives spoiling other people's game. Because they know that if they are banned any time soon, they will come back to be Trolls again.

Why was this rule changed? 

In my opinion TMP saw the number of players drop and a lot with the help of the SCS covoy mode, and they changed the rule to get more players.  In my opinion it was a bad decision. Right now I consider TMP to be a troll and report hunting paradise. 

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The former regulation was harsh but efficient in the long run. It sorted out troublemakers who weren't willing to change their behavior after having received multiple previous warnings.

This was good for the rest of the community.


But even back then I asked myself how useful a permanent ban would be for the perpetrator.

A longer or even permanent punishment doesn't necessarily result in a (faster) understanding or reformation. Especially not, if the "convict" is left to himself without a guidance.


The reconsideration of the punishment system shows the agility of the TruckersMP team and the ability to adapt to changing scenarios.

Nothing is cast in stone, everything is possible.
If something doesn't work (anymore), they don't consider themselves too good to admit it and take corrective actions.

I will give the updated punishment system more time before I make my judgment.

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I don't play much in TruckersMP lately, but when I do, I don't see that things are worse than before rule 2.8 was changed. Surely many trolls have been given a new chance to keep trolling, but many others who maybe were young when they got  banned could have a different mindset now and could enjoy TMP again. Besides this, the punishment history stays in each player's profile, meaning that even when rule 2.8 would be 90 days, there's rule 2.9, that would allow managers to issue permanent bans to those players who clearly didn't learn and are back to their old ways.


This being said, I don't see anything wrong with the change in the rules. 

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I think the 5th ban should be permed as before because bans whose ban date is over 1 year already turn yellow and lose their validity. I can't say that the driving of the player who got +5 ban in 1 year is very ethical, a simulator driver who abides by the rules does not get 5 bans in 1 year. Generally, drivers who reach up to 5 me are dangerous drivers and troll players. It shows that after 3 months ban, trolls who didn't get perma will be back in the game after 3 months. I think it should be continued as a perma.

King Regards,


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I personally disagree with returning permanent bans on the 5th ban. A lot of people play TruckersMP because they want to drive in busier areas, which is understandable because playing the game on single player feels like a grind. I acknowledge trolls exist but I feel this is a smaller minority than we may think. I do not think some people actually intend to drive in an erratic manner but merely might not have enough knowledge of driving safely in general. TMP has a young audience and many of those people might not actually know how to drive irl and I think it might be unfair to issue permanent bans for something they can obviously improve in the future. Yes, 5 bans is quite a lot but not everyone who gets 5 bans or more are actually trolls.


As with trolls, a lot of people may think that permanent bans will stop people from trolling again but in reality, the community is still growing and trolls will still exist regardless of the measures taken to stop trolling in the future. While permanent bans will stop the same people from trolling again in the future, realistically a lengthy ban would actually reduce the incentives for the same person to troll because which troll would rather wait 3 months to get unbanned? At the present stage, this is never going to stop trolling and it is not possible to completely eliminate trolls. If you want to do a bit to reduce the trolling situation:

  • Don't feed the trolls - Trolls usually manifest on people around them getting annoyed at the troll. When someone messages them "Rec ban", it lets them know they have done their job to annoy the driver. If you want to stop feeding trolls, ignore the troll as much as you can and report them through the website or in game silently. No one needs to know they have been reported, rec or whatever
  • Avoid getting into the accident as much as you can - Do everything you can to avoid an accident. This means stopping the vehicle, swerving to another direction to avoid an accident or whatever. Do not try to crash into them and claim you have not noticed it as the punishment can easily jump right back to you for driving without due care. 
  • Stop giving them attention - This is a bit of an unrealistic one because content creators will probably just feature them on YouTube. I personally think its fine putting them on YouTube but maybe ignore them as much as you can or blur their usernames so that they won't go to their grandchildren and say to them "I've done this back in the day".

TLDR: Permanent bans are unfair towards people that might not know driving rules in real life and is still not going to stop trolling overall. If 3 month bans are kept, this gives other players a chance to learn from their mistakes and reduce incentives for the person trolling to wait 3 months to get unbanned because trolls don't usually have anything better to do so waiting 3 months is pointless. If you want to reduce trolling, stop giving them incentives to troll i.e. shouting rec ban to them. 


Pros of Perma bans: 

  • Returning trolls will stop trolling again as they are prevented from trolling.
  • Reduce the amount of bad drivers there are.

Cons of Perma bans:

  • Does not stop trolling because of the growing community.
  • People banned permanently that might not know how to drive are prevented from rejoining hence they learn absolutely nothing.
  • Reduces community size overall.


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I made 1 Mistake once and touched the Hot glowing Plate as i was a child. After that experience, i was never intended, in my Lifetime, to doing it again, because the consequences after i touched this plate, were very painful!

In TruckersMP, you can also doing 1 Mistake and getting banned, but it didn´t hurt you physically, except you played with the Account of your older Brother or your Dad or maybe with both!

So, many Players are intended to check out the Borders, how far they can go, and make the same Mistakes 5 Times! So, a permanent Ban of those People were, in my opinion, the same Result like the "Never touch a hot glowing Plate" Experience.

It is true, People can growing up and change their behavior, so the permanent ban should be removed to gave them another Chance, which is also a good Solution. But, what does this mean for TruckersMP, if those People turning back to the Game Today. What will they see?

Braking the Rules have no final Consequence, except they using Hacks, doing some racism motivated stuff/insultings, or their Violations got the Attention of the Upper Staff!

At the Moment it doesn´t matter if Players got a Permanent Ban after 5 Violations or not, because Players of all types of Gameplay need to share 1 Server.
Trolls will having a new Account faster than the Moderators can banning them. Some are able to reactivate old Accounts which were unbanned after the last Rule change.

In my Opinion there is no need for a harder punishment in general if we would have seperate Servers for Simplayers and for the casual Players.

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29 minutes ago, Fummelprinz said:

In my Opinion there is no need for a harder punishment in general if we would have seperate Servers for Simplayers and for the casual Players.


I was under the impression that TruckersMP provides servers for "simulation players" (simulation servers) and for "casual players" (arcade servers).

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1 hour ago, blabberbeak said:


I was under the impression that TruckersMP provides servers for "simulation players" (simulation servers) and for "casual players" (arcade servers).


It seems there is a general misinterpretation between the sort of Players!  ?


SimPlayer: https://prnt.sc/sgFdHgU1cH7t


Casual Player: https://prnt.sc/u3IK5TfdEBKO


Arcade Player: https://prnt.sc/kb1O-TNk0gjI


Usual Troll Player: https://prnt.sc/vkl9d0m8vA8Y


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Recently i experiment a ban for a reckless driving, for the first time in over a year playing simulation server. The thing is that the other player crash against me on purpuse but moderator see that diferent and then my appeal was denied, and i got punishd for a 1 week ban (wich to me seems to harsh for a first timer)

Point is, the ban system is exploitable, then players that try to do the right thing will be punish by others drivers malicious intentions (now i reluctant to go to sim server for this exact reason). That reason alone is enaugh to reject any perma ban unless the moderation improves greatly.


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The system is fine as it is right now.

Just because the 5th active ban doesn't auto-trigger a permanent ban doesn't mean that players who deserve a permanent ban don't get one.


The permanent bans are only given to players who really deserve it now. As per §2.9, players who play TruckersMP with the sole purpose of breaching §2.8 can receive a ban that can bypass the length of §2.8 bans.


By reducing the amount of permanent bans issued we also reduce the amount of ban evasion happening.


So in short; Players can still be permanently banned for breaking rules over and over again, but it is not the go-to method.

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Going back to the 5th permanent ban that is making it have less community in the world of ETS2 and ATS.


We know that if you receive a 5 ban it is 90 days in rule 2.8 and because it should not be permanent for a simple reason, it is so that the beautiful community that exists in TMP grows and prevents many permanent for evading ban.

Best Regards.





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It seems to me that only evading bans and hacking will be permanently banned

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In my opinion, the 5th ban should not be perm, which is not the case. tmp changed this rule and frankly, I greatly appreciated it. After all, this is a simulation game, maybe some players are playing as well as they can, yes, unfortunately, some players can make troll moves and disrupt the servers, but some players get into the lag or accidentally crash and be reported and punished instantly. Maybe how many people got the 5th ban unintentionally? It was very good because the ban was granted.

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Hey there trucker!



This question is a bit hard to answer. As you may already see people has alot of different opinions about how they feel about this rule changing.


To be honest i were not really excited when i heard about this rule was changed. Over the years of being within the community, i had seen a lot of players who simply should not have been given this chance. However we are only humans after all and, at the end of the day a "last chance" would be fair for the users to prove that they have been growing along with their punishment.


We do also need to look at the fact that this rule most likely was changed because both it was outdated (made back when TMP became big and there was a high amount of ban-evaders), and because the community are dieing slowly. By changing this rule they are re-gaining some former players which increases the daily activity again. Over the past 2 years it has been seen that alot of players had moved away from TruckersMP, which is very sad when thinking about how much the TruckersMP Team are trying to run this modification for it's players.


I find it quite funny to hear that this rule was updated, because if i were not a player who actually did care about the community, and the actual state of it then it would perhaps be me sitting on a ban.

Over the years as i have been a member here, i had gotten myself into situations which i were not proud of, nor something i am today. However i would want to make it even, and prove for the community that i had been growing over the time of my ban, and prove for them that i was someone who had to be allowed back into the community. Some players are young when arriving but grows "mature" over the time as years are passing.


What is your opinion about it?

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Imho we shouldn't keep count of bans forever and they should be erased/archived after a while.

In other words, if you get banned and don't get any other ban for 3 months after your previous ban or some percentage of the previous ban (after your previous ban), then your previous ban gets erased/archived.

If, with this system the person still reaches the 5 bans count, then permanent ban! As some said already, you don't reach 5 bans by mistake, especially with the system I just explained!!


That's basically how it works in France with the points on your license. If you lose points, you get them back after some time if you didn't make any offense for some time (I think it's 2 years).

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First of all, thank you, my friend, for opening a pleasant topic for us to discuss.

At first I thought this rule was good for the players, but as time passed, I think it started to change my opinion as a mistake.Players who received long-term bans started to evade them with different accounts. And I can say that the rate of illegal driving on the C-D road has increased significantly. Although the system has relaxed a bit after the recruitment, I am worried that it will become very difficult to prevent in the future, especially in the summer.

I have two suggestions. These are as follow;

  • 5 Continuation of active ban
    1. Ban starts from 14 days and continues for +1 month for each ban. This system can bring a serious fear of time that will discourage players from breaking the rules. However, in the long run, it will make the system lose players. As a result, the number of players of the system would decrease even if a clean mass remained.
  • The permanent ban can return again. However, previously banned accounts may need to be rechecked.

Kind Regards
Black Alcoa
TruckersMP Veteran Driver II

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