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Game Development Update


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I hope that SCS will set itself to a maximum of 32 slots. So you can meet there privately or publicly on smaller occasions. And by the way, you can also travel the big wide world of TruckersMP.

Sorry for bad English use Translator ^^.

Krieg, Krieg bleibt immer gleich. (War, War never changes) -Fallout 4










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21 hours ago, ScaniaFan89 said:

They are still around on discord known as IFMP ( infinite truckers ), mainly because they can massage their ego's & power trip 24/7. People talk about TMP in there get shut down & treated badly for no reason other than " because they can " & " what you gonna do about it ". Development wise they never came up with anything besides a website of which half the links didn't do anythng, oh & the various long winded posts on " progress " or lack of it!


Its a unpleasent community over there, literally everyone i know who checked it out said the same as i have!


Nah, HGV and IFMP are different. The members working on each may have blended at times, and some are now part of our team, but they were different projects working towards making an alternative MP. IFMP is indeed not much now, and somewhat over the internet, though they may have a discord and such. 

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8 hours ago, HanibaII243 said:

I honestly say that I am surprised that you decided to give up on a well-paid job in a cd project and devote yourself fully to some mod for the community, that's of course plus, but I do not know if this price is so worth resigning from a job that is a fixed income

People have their reasons for leaving, moving on or just going on to try something new. However, with the amount of hours they've put in to this project, I can say that they deserve it since they are the back bone of the project and are the ones that keeps it going. Understandably, Project Red could've paid more but as I mentioned above, people have their reasons. What's best to do is respect they've made this choice since we can tell it's what they'd have wanted to do. But as mentioned in the post by leaving their job allows them to spend more time on TruckersMP, so we can expect some amazing updates/additional features down the road!

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Thanks for Update. :tmp: :thisisfine:



                                                                    Language Turkish , English  ,  A little German


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                                                                                             Drive Safe   


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Thank you for the update

                                                                                 spacer.png    -Bruijn Logistics Driver-    spacer.png    




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