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  1. Global Cargo winter Convoy. Hello all nice that you are looking at our event. After we started on 10 august with our vtc and held our first public convoy on a event server on 21 august. We want to close the year with a even bigger event on 29 December. Details Server: event server Promods Date: 29 December 2020 Start city: Lillehammer Meetup time: 17:30 GMT Start truckfest: 18:00 GMT Departure time: 19:00 GMT DLC: Promods Click here to see the times on your location Truckfest On the truckfest we will ofcourse give some prices away for the next categories: (exact prices will be announced closer to the convoy) Most Attended VTC Best Parked VTC Best looking VTC truck Best looking public truck Parking spot Parking spot booking will be done in trucky so if you want to book a slot you do that here: https://trucky.events/event/detail/global-cargo-winter-event . (If you request a parking slot as a vtc please ask your members to sign up for the event as well to get the event server) Route We will start in Lillehammer and will follow the nice promods roads to Oulu. The convoy route is 1386KM and the convoy control will be done by our own GCC (global CC) We try to keep this post up-to-date but if you got questions you can always contact us on our friends/event discord We are looking forward to the event and we hope we see a lot of you and we will make it a great event. Global Cargo Events Team hjvg
  2. Global Cargo ATS Convoy Global Cargo is not only driving in ETS but also in ATS So this month we are going to hold our public event in ATS. We will start our drive in Redding, California. From Redding we will drive west and then drive south along the beautiful coast of California. At Santa Maria, we will head east towards Phoenix where the convoy will end. Server: ATS simulation Date: 15 oktober Meetup time: 17:30 GMT Departure time: 18:00 GMT Start location: Redding, Bitumen Everybody is welcome to join us on this drive! VTC's can book a slot via the Trucky post. https://trucky.events/event/detail/global-cargo-public-ats-oktober-5f551cd51168e We try to keep this post up-to-date but if you got questions you can always contact us on Global Cargo friends/event discord Global Cargo https://www.globalcargovtc.nl/ https://truckersmp.com/vtc/72
  3. Global Cargo will be there on your event
  4. yes the new volvo pack is supported but the volvo parts are bugged in tmp atm even non costum parts are not loading this are the same trucks with the same parts (all default) but i love the sound in new 1.37 and i am happy its out now
  5. @Glada_Laxen did you read the message if you get that message it can take up to 5 min bevore you allowd to download a other 1. also closing the browser and reopen it can help. and else ask help on there forum. but yea it takes some time to download it for free but they make the mod for free as well so why complaining? if they would offer fast download for free they they needs lots of money to make that possible and they are not making money so the dev`s will need to pay that from there own pockets. thats why there asking 1 dollar for fast download.
  6. not sure wat you ask but promods have a free way to download the mod but that takes time or a 1 dolar option to download the mod in a few min. you are not forced to use the payed download its your own chouce. but they need to pay for there servers as well so i dopnt blame them for asking money for a faster download they already spend lots of free time at there project to make it like this.
  7. we are at very soon now but nobody knows if this means still 3 days a way or less
  8. ETS2 - Simulation 3 is down i have not been online this week so i dont know how long its down already but last week we had 3 simulation server so mebay they are making the server ready? cant wait to start trucking promods in multiplayer
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