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  1. @Glada_Laxen did you read the message if you get that message it can take up to 5 min bevore you allowd to download a other 1. also closing the browser and reopen it can help. and else ask help on there forum. but yea it takes some time to download it for free but they make the mod for free as well so why complaining? if they would offer fast download for free they they needs lots of money to make that possible and they are not making money so the dev`s will need to pay that from there own pockets. thats why there asking 1 dollar for fast download.
  2. not sure wat you ask but promods have a free way to download the mod but that takes time or a 1 dolar option to download the mod in a few min. you are not forced to use the payed download its your own chouce. but they need to pay for there servers as well so i dopnt blame them for asking money for a faster download they already spend lots of free time at there project to make it like this.
  3. we are at very soon now but nobody knows if this means still 3 days a way or less
  4. ETS2 - Simulation 3 is down i have not been online this week so i dont know how long its down already but last week we had 3 simulation server so mebay they are making the server ready? cant wait to start trucking promods in multiplayer
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