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  1. Heyyy everyone, My current favourite team is RedBull and my favourite driver is Max Verstappen. I think that over the next 5-10 years we could see max with a few driver championships as he has so much potential... He's only been there 5 years and he's got a close rivalry with the likes of Lewis Hamilton who is arguably the best driver F1 has ever had. I'd love to see everyone else favourite teams and drivers!
  2. personally i think it looks amazing and it will probably be my new ets2 daily driver People are saying it looks like the next-gen scania's, the only small reference i see to the scania is the grill but quite a few trucks have similar grills now
  3. Hey peeps, My favourites area of ETS2 is scandinavia, norway especially In ATS i really like some of the roads in Idaho and Utah I'd love to know what areas you like to all drive in!!!
  4. Normally truckers FM but sometimes some classic rock. Bon Jovi etc
  5. I'm currently event staff in Global Cargo
  6. Modern trucks but i also like 80's style US trucks
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