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Game Development Update


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Thank you so much for news mwl ?❤️


I am proud of youuu and your TruckersMP team! Keep it up ? and you will best

Can not wait for new futures in TruckersMP, I have played on TMP over 3900 hours and I never belived, I would love this game so much.



RedWolf [CZ] 

[MCG] RedWolf [CZ]  I TruckersMP

(ETS2 - 5,860 hours)



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It's a good sign that truckersmp will now have two full-time devs. We all have always acknowledged the potential that truckersmp has and that is proven by the announcement that the mod is marching towards beta 1.0. Wish we had patreon earlier than 2019. That'd have put us ahead than where we're. Better late than never.

All the very best team truckersmp. My support will always be there for you. Fingers crossed?

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Wow, the best news of the day. We are still very thankful to TruckersMP for their hard works and connecting truckers from all over the world. I know TMP have some issues, but ngl I still appreciate them for creating a chance to make a community and make new friends. Can't wait to see some changes in TruckersMP. thanks for making our Pandemic days better. ?

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Thank you @mwl4 for your dedication to this project, and thank you also that i could join the team back in 2014. (still enjoy my stay here)

Looking forward to the next stage of the project. @ShawnCZek also thank you for your hard work i'm sure you will bring much help into this.


keep on rocking guys.

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