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  1. @elweondelosbarrancos @galantisCC @Simulator Experiencer @L N X look what I said earlier that players will shift to official multiplayer but @Xristrucking and other kept saying that this is temporary and the player count will increase after truckersmp supports 1.41 but that is not the case the player count has remained the same even truckersmp supported 1.41 3 days ago.This is the ed of truckersmp
  2. And travelling on calais duisburg is a must if you are a real trucker and want to get the max fun out of it
  3. I agree with you @galantisCC unless and until most of the player raise the issue it isn't getting solved
  4. At least I'm sure enough that scs won't give harsh bans and so called permanent bans,they wouldn't want to reduce online player count as that would affect their revenue as it will be a constant revenue source unlike the offline version.More over people won't complain because they have gone through much bad in truckersmp and official multuplayer would feel a cherry on the top of cake for them. We the players make truckersmp The truckersmp so we want to express our thoughts.
  5. The problem why players are annoyed with truckersmp very harsh bans like for spamming horn 10 days of ban and the permanent ban is the most reason why players are annoyed.Permanent ban means they can't play again,its their total waste of money.Players are decreasing in truckersmp because of permanent ban.Its high time that you remove permanent ban and look towards the happiness of community. @mwl4 I wish scs makes dedicated servers with 5000 capacity,we will shift then because its the official multipayer and its full of quality unlike truckersmp where below poor synchronization,bugs etc are there.
  6. After scs made their official multiplayer now they are opening their eyes because they have got a real competition.Before they did not bother to connect with community now they are doing it because they are fearing the official scs multiplayer because most players will shift there.Official multiplayer is right punishment for them.
  7. Scs should introduce steep roads where trucks would struggle
  8. What the hell,you guys don't have red dead redemption 2,gta5,forza horizon 4,forza motorsport 7,pubg,gta4,gta San andreas,gta3,gta vice city,Mafia definitive edition, battlefield 5,watch dogs 2 and 3 etc
  9. My name got mentioned in PC GAMER'S article about truckersmp https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.pcgamer.com/amp/this-multiplayer-mod-for-euro-truck-simulator-2-has-one-chaotic-congested-road-that-cant-be-fixed/&ved=2ahUKEwiy_sO7u7zxAhWZ_XMBHaTUCZkQFjAAegQIAxAC&usg=AOvVaw2euXL6tmThFXuPW9rjfT4J&ampcf=1
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