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  1. So you want realism without accidents and bad drivers ?then its quite unrealistic, in real life they are many kind of drivers and some of them cause accidents so if you want realism then accidents and bad drivers have to be part of it
  2. I strongly agree with you Yes I also think that truckersmp should increase speed limit to 130 and revert back to 110 if things get worse
  3. I sadly disagree with you in the ban part of your reply,you said that players those who break rules internationally are punished but this is just the words or usual way the ban system must function but in reality every one including those who did it unintentionally are also banned. Now to the speed limit part of your reply I am not asking for a 150kmph speed limit,I am just asking to increase it to around 130 kmph and nothing else.The majority of players want to be increased just slightly.
  4. The situation won't improve, the situation will get worse as time passes, scs will upgrade the player limit as time passes
  5. Look man speed isn't the only factor causing accidents.Did accidents reduce after the speed limit ? No,It didn't .Thing I it depends on the mindset players like whether they want to overtake a truck is coming from opposite etc
  6. Are you guys on gta forums if not then do check it out once
  7. Oh come on we should have a 130 limit not 110
  8. This video has some concrete proof about gta6 and the struggle between take two and rockstar games in a cryptic way
  9. Looks nearly similar to me out on the road in a certain distance
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