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  1. The thing majority of players wants is a synchronised weather system,better synchronisation between players,improving the servers and increasing the player slots in sim 1,easing of ban rules,increase in speed limit and removal of permanent ban.Give us these and we will be happy and won't ask for anything else.
  2. No,they used to do it earlier but now the truck companies are approaching them.For instance,the first truck company to approach them was MACK for ats then its DAF for ets2
  3. Angelforgamers

    Rain Ban?

    This would solve a big portion of problem that a player is struggling in rain and another driving in clear weather,and this would also reduce unwanted reports because the weather condition would be blamed then
  4. I would suggest you to search about it in Google and YouTube,you would certainly get something
  5. Angelforgamers

    Rain Ban?

    Truckersmp should introduce a synchronised weather system as that would be realistic as well as match truckersmo's saying "realism is our goal" and all the players will enjoy too and would affect everyone
  6. Good news! Gta 5 will get a next gen version with improved graphics etc that is gta5 expanded and enhanced and will release on 11 nov 2021 Will you get it?
  7. Great,pls solve the issue of sim 1 it hurts to see sim 1 in that condition and not able to enjoy like before
  8. The truck is very much attractive and a sight for sore eyes.A much needed truck for ets2.The engine being 530hp still delivers great response and the tractibility is mind blowing from this engine.
  9. I hope SCS become more big and rich so they can provide us more quality games,updates in ets2 and ats.Now more truck companies will approach SCS for promoting their trucks. I want to drive it but I don't have money to buy.
  10. Will drive it as soon as truckersmp supports the new update, I updated ets2 by mistake,and now I'm not able to play truckersmp
  11. Scs should add clutch wear and tear system in the game,that would make it very much realistic Scs should add clutch wear and tear system,that would make it very much realistic
  12. People should play on server 1 as server 1 can hold much more players than server 2.Any news from truckersmp about is causing unstability in server 1 or when they are going to fix it?
  13. Why the server 2 has more player than server 1,server1 used to have very much players but now people are joining server 2.Why?any reason?
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