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  1. Travelling to and fro on calais duisburg road during peak hours really relives the stress 

  2. Nope buddy you live in a different world
  3. Where is the nearest Renault showroom near calais?actually in the truck dealers map its showing dusseldorf having renault showroom but when I reached there I couldn't find one
  4. The calais duisburg road should be untouched and left as it is.Its a legendary road and we all play only to travel by this road.Otherwise there is not reason to play truckersmp without the stock calais duisburg road
  5. Gyys you can join the gta forum where we players discuss everything about the games made by take two and rockstar and the upcoming gta6
  6. My favourite is both scania and volvo
  7. My favourite road is calais duisburg and kirkenes quarry road
  8. I love gta games because they have very impressive attention to detail Waiting for gta6.Red dead redemption 2 is a masterpiece
  9. No all the players except you dont want ai vehicles
  10. Gta 5 is masterpiece,the attention to detail is just mind blowing
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