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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! 🎉🥳

  3. Happy birthday!! 🥳

  4. Happy Birthday! 🎉🥳

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  6. Happy Birthday!! 🤩

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  9. What happend to you bro? Why did you leave? You were the best :( :(

  10. Thanks For Following Me 🤗😍

  11. Thank you very much Harsha, this did help me, and add me on steam, you can find the link by going to my profile
  12. Hello all! I have been playing Multiplayer for a while now, I reset my pc because of some problems, I tried to install truckersmp again and now when I try to select the directory of ETS2, I am not able to see the .exe file on win64 folder, I have trucksbook client, while the installation of trucksbook, it created a plugins folder in both the 32 and 64 bit folders, but I am unable to see the exe file, I have installed Steam in D Drive and I have selected the right directory, I even tried to uninstall trucksbook and then see if this works, but it doesn't, whenever I go to the win64 folder (THROUGH SETUP OF TRUCKERSMP) I am unable to see the .exe file, but whenever i go and see the game files, it is there (please refer to the screenshot, if you didn't understand). Please help.
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