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  1. Leti best media yes ♥️

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      Awww yes yes!

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  3. It would surely be better than implementation of a small search bar for in-game id on the tab list, so as long as it doesn't create problems while driving, should be cool
  4. Depends, On one hand you can drive with a few friends from the vtc, have some fun while talking and still do some jobs at relatively the same pace as usual, or on the other, you can just go alone (hopefully not becuase they only want to do c-d or something) and still spam the channel for bot updates with your jobs. Either way is good, either friends and talks or alone with music
  5. Sure, something like this could poooossibly be done, but even if the map was generated, you'd still need to go through every single thing on it, add collisions and all that other game dev stuff, also with a map that big it would be too hard to check everything for possible glitches, locations where you'd fall through the map... It would surely take a lot of years if it was possible, and I believe that once people would get a map this large they'd then want something better in the department of managing your company than just buying truck, trailers and putting drivers in them If we'r
  6. Eh, if it's just a regular job then anything goes, as long as it has good €/km ratio If it's supposed to be a save edited job to drive with friends, I tend to stick to something between the medium weight range, keep it away from all this lightweight cargo, but not touching the heavy cargo mark (unless I bring a 3 axle food tank)
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