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  1. Happy Birthday Bro!!

    1. IethaI


      Thank you!

  2. Here's the part 2 of my lag fix video:


    1. Brady.


      Great video, I might need to follow through with this soon. 👍

    2. FC5570


      Thanks mate.

  3. How can i join, what dlc's do I require to join this convoy? Whats the server?
  4. Watch my latest video: :D


    1. NeonLeon


      Will definitely do :mlg_doge: Thank you! 

    2. BlizzardCrow


      Nice Tipps, will be pretty sure usefull for someone :)

  5. Thanks to everyone, for their timely response, I appreciate it, I now understand that I have to play TMP during 4 to 9 pm BST. Thanks again!! (and if you're till reading please do subscribe my channel) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClj8240ZPX29IEtWK7zurLg/featured?view_as=subscriber
  6. What happend to you bro? Why did you leave? You were the best :( :(

  7. Thank you very much Harsha, this did help me, and add me on steam, you can find the link by going to my profile
  8. Hello all! I have been playing Multiplayer for a while now, I reset my pc because of some problems, I tried to install truckersmp again and now when I try to select the directory of ETS2, I am not able to see the .exe file on win64 folder, I have trucksbook client, while the installation of trucksbook, it created a plugins folder in both the 32 and 64 bit folders, but I am unable to see the exe file, I have installed Steam in D Drive and I have selected the right directory, I even tried to uninstall trucksbook and then see if this works, but it doesn't, whenever I go to the win64 folder (THROU
  9. By busiest I mean the server where most people play, I raised a ticket and the TruckerMP staff says that EU2 has been renamed as Simulator-1 but not many people play on my server, can you tell me at what time should I play this game at, so that I can enjoy it with more people?
  10. Thanks to all for your timely reponse, this did not resolve my problem, but its ok, Now I have another problem, I usually play on Simulation 1 server but not many players play on my server, I found out that EU2 is the busiest server, but I don't have EU2 server on my truckersmp, I want to play with more people so that I can enjoy the game more, I am having the alpha version of the launcher. Is there any way, I can get the EU2 Server? Please help
  11. I am playing the alpha version of truckersmp and I am from India, I always join simulation 1 server and I don't see many people, I thought to search about this and found out that EU2 server is the busiest, you know truckersmp is the only way to enjoy ets2 with other people, but not many players play on the server I play. You all may probably know Tony, a youtuber who makes funny videos on TRUCKERSMP, many people play on his server but not on mine, do I have to do something to get the EU2 Server? Please help.
  12. Thanks all for the replies, I'll try and check if this works
  13. Whenever I log in to ETS2, it says 'Game Change Detected' and that it has relocated my truck to my main garage, this happens every time I play TruckersMP and then I play ETS2. I am not able to find the 'uset_g_force_economy_reset' command in my config file, I looked for this in the game.log file and the found that value was 0 only, anyone please help, as this is very irritating. I have attached the game.log file here, take a look if you can help me. game.log file: https://pastebin.com/JknC0Px8 Please Help Me
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