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  2. こんにちわ 私も使ってる人探してたことあったけど少ないと思います?
  3. @scarface0359 @Anriandor Informative thoughts all together. thank you. Interesting point- so even a report is declined, it may not be 'negative report'... how could this be? ahhh why did the team delete 'thumb up'? It was useful to mark the useful comment to quote, separating it/them from the rest when I come here to read/share...share button is good but I can't use it as I translate. Plus taking my fun out :< Anyway, I think it is a good idea since I am totally fed up with players just can't shut their mouth - 'rec''report''against the rule'. Just use common sense and report only the case really matters overall. eg. trolls on convoy. reckless driving. OFC you should report the 'bad drivers' but who makes 50 bad reports anyway? so there
  4. ฅ(^ω^ฅ) ニャ~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY ᗦ↞◃ ᗦ↞◃<-pressies

    1. Prototype


      Thank you :D

    2. Tablecookie


      welcome・*:.。..。.:*゚:*∈(゚◎゚)∋・*:.。..。.:*゚:*enjoy your day

  5. oh btw, i have been told i have sent someone a large file, containing my pictures this morning. yeah, don't open it- it looks as if there are naked picture of me but it doesn't ...just a virus.... this is a true story since i opened something last night by mistake.... so yeah, don't open it... and i am so happy to share a potion of my informtion with CIA ...making sure i tell everyone that i am taking the shower right now on my phone as well.
  6. happy birthday :3 happened to be here, so!


    1. heyhococo


      Thank you! <3

  7. ゚*。.ヾ(ღ◕ܫ◕)ノ⊹⊱HAVE A WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY⊰⊹ヽ(◕ܫ◕ღ).。*゚

  8. have you changed your colour? What happend to your eyes? hmmmm....

    1. Chris.D


      So many questions, so little answers :lol:

    2. Tablecookie
  9. Glanshon closed the Countdown topic! I don't know if this is a bliss? 

    1. Show previous comments  15 more
    2. Tablecookie


      I invite him. see if he accepts me XD


    3. Glanshon


      Accepted both.

    4. buksikutya77


      Maybe @Mr Panda can rethink

      @Glanshon is still a nub or not :D

  10. Hello I have a job for you since you are so keen to work here on the TruckersMP.

    There is a post made by me asking for [HELP!} #delete #edit #@player-name 

    Would like to answer to that one? 

    Thank you.

    1. Trucking Australia

      Trucking Australia

      Just wait. Don't go posting on other peoples walls asking them to do things

    2. Tablecookie


      @Trucking Australia  Lol, I appreciate your concern and I know why you thought you need to intervene.  But this is a joke I have given to Glashon personally.  Do you know what Glanshon does these days?  

    3. Glanshon


      ^ What do I do? O.o


      And let's chill. It's Fun day Wednesday ;)

  11. You didn't disturb me at all sir, only in your imagination, sir. 

    1. The Imaginative Lad

      The Imaginative Lad

      Yeah my imagination sometimes does that.


      BAD IMAGINATION! Go and sit outside and look what you have done!



  12. Do you really have a VTC called penguin logistics?

    1. Penguin


      Afraid not XD That was just the company name I put into my ETS2 Profile :P

    2. Tablecookie


      ;) i kinda fancied 

  13. ahhh lol you are too cute...what is this? Kitty-cat heaven?

    1. Mari'


      use wikipedia :P

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