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  1. If I were to join the TMP staff team I would love to be a Game Moderator. Hopefully I would enjoy the tasks that are associated with being a GM. I would try my best to learn everything and not be afraid of making mistakes. But truth be told I think being a Discord Moderator would be pretty cool. I like the idea of having to moderate a large Discord server so If I were to choose now, I would probably join that bunch love all of you discord cattos :pepelove:
  2. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  3. It is safe to move when Ghost Mode is enabled, just make sure that other players trucks are not flashing right after Ghost Mode is disabled (this also happens after just leaving a non-collision zone, and it means that a collision is imminent if no evasive measures are taken).
  4. Hey, Ghost Mode is a feature on TruckersMP that prevents accidents when spawning in to areas that are not NCZ (Which we've had in the past before the existence of Ghost Mode. Upon someone spawning in on the middle of the road, if you were unlucky enough you would be caught in the middle of their truck, or you would slam into the back of their trailer). It will be enabled for 10 seconds, more than enough time for other players to be notified of your presence, and more than enough time for you to start your truck and move out of the way. If you spawn inside of another truck in a parking lot that doesn't have NCZ enabled, you should quickly pull away to avoid a collision. You are visible to other players when you have Ghost Mode enabled, you can see other players when you have it enabled, and both of you will be protected against collisions if either of you have it enabled. It works vice versa.
  5. Happy birthday old leadermeen ?

  6. I think I have a rough idea of what's going on. Obviously this doesn't cover all of the player base that likes to drive fast, but this should give you somewhat of an idea. Some of them do it for content, they make these "dangerous manoeuvres" videos and it shows them doing these dangerous overtakes. Sometimes on the grass, while driving very fast, and usually down the famed C-D road (which I condemn, of course). Others don't have a care in the world, because it's just a game and they can drive as fast as they want. I would usually tell these sorts of players to drive on Arcade server if that's the case. Some of them think the designated speed limits set by SCS are too slow. You'll come across some good drivers who obey the traffic laws and speed limits every now and again, and it's great when that happens. Personally I like to drive around 90km/h.
  7. 95% of the time I’m driving a Scania S, so it would have to be that ?
  8. I didn't attend the festival, but I did attend both the ATS and ETS2 convoys.
  9. Back for good this time hopefully

    Appreciate all the congrats messages ?


  10. ^ This. I really cannot stress this enough. Just slow down, full stop. There is no need to rush. That's partially why there is a 110km/h limit in place. I've seen it many times. There were new players who weren't fully in control of their trucks tumbling into the back of someone else's trailer after momentarily breaking the sound barrier in their Volvo comet trucks, and for what reason? While we're at it here are some good driving habits you should adopt while you're new: - On C-D road (and other busy single lane roads), under pretty much every circumstance you should not be overtaking. That's an easy way to cause a crash and get banned. - Learn defensive driving (learn to anticipate crashes). Failing the above and someone else is overtaking you on C-D road, if another truck is oncoming, slow down and let the overtaking truck past. Being assertive is the worst thing you can do here. - If there's a traffic jam ahead, slow down and wait for everyone to start moving. Do not overtake, there may be an oncoming truck. - Leave some distance between you and the truck in front, in case they stop suddenly (I'd say about 100-150m) - If there's a convoy ahead, do not overtake, there may be an oncoming truck. - Be patient. Most crashes that can easily be avoided are caused by impatience. If you have to give way, give way. These are basic, should be common sense, however a lot of new people seem to forget or don't know about these unwritten rules.
  11. Seems like cloudflare went godmode today

  12. :thinking:

    1. [MCG] Nami

      [MCG] Nami

      can we get an F in the chat for EU2

    2. TeamUSB - JWS l Leader
    3. [MCG] Nami

      [MCG] Nami

      ok its back up we good

  13. hey what's up? been a while. 241 alerts btw I am not disappointed. obligatory @Moh_ is cute

    1. Moh_


      no u infinite


      *insert triumph emote*



  14. Woah, status update. How long has it been since? 


    Anyways, these screenshots are quite nice, so I figured might as well post them here :D

    (feat. @Moh_)




  15. Hey, If you mean the your in-game avatar, in-game avatars are linked to your steam account. So to change it, you will have to change your steam avatar. Other players will see your new in-game avatar the next time you join or restart your game.
  16. ^ The 1.32 compatibility update (which will require a server restart) could happen in a few hours, a few days, or a few weeks. No ETA has been given for the server update, you will just have to be patient.
  17. This year has gone by fast :wow:

    1. Krewlex
    2. Caio'


      I thought it was just me who was thinking this :troll:

    3. ThiagoBR_


      Yes! May Come December the best month of the year heheh

  18. Thanks for the follow :)

  19. I'm hyped . Not sure if I will be able to make it though
  20. Hello, Currently there is no release date for the new Skoda. Any updates will be posted in this thread: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/65078-scout-car-rework-bug-fixes/ Does this answer your question?
  21. Happy birthday, hope you had a great day mate

  22. 1.32 is in open beta now, that's awesome :lol:. Can't wait for it to be released so we can play it with multiplayer

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