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  1. Süleyman arkadaşımın dediği gibi hız testi sonucunu ve bilgisayar özelliklerinizi alabilir miyiz? Bazen bilgisayar iyi olsa bile bazı teknik sebeplerden dolayı oyun sorunlu çalışabiliyor.
  2. Who else has high lag after update? Like you have 80 ping but it seems like 500

    1. Stuart  (GB)

      Stuart (GB)

      my ping is normaly 32 - 35 was 80+ most of yesterday 3rd july

    2. Alex [ITA]

      Alex [ITA]

      I've got 48/60ms but it seems that I'm playing with a ping higher than 500ms... I hope @mwl4 fixes the bug!

    3. Focusrsturbo1


      ive had anything from 100ms upwards since update :o


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  3. Böyle bir ekran resmi gerçekten var mı? Eğer yoksa yalancılıktan ve admini hedef göstermekten cezan arttırılabilir hatta permaya bile dönüştürülebilir. @KacaKTV konu sizi de ilgilendiriyor.
  4. Shhh. Just watch. Let the video do the job 


  5. YAY Steam Sales! Which games do you suggest?

    1. Subtle [HKG]

      Subtle [HKG]

      actually i owned Rocket League and Cities Skylines already.I'll browse the store again after 2-3 hours.

    2. Lukas4544 [LTU]

      Lukas4544 [LTU]

      tryed to buy a game steam crashed cant login...

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  6. EG0611

    Pilot araçlar

    Yok. Sadece göz zevki olsun diye konuldular. Ama Polis araçlarını sadece adminler kullanabiliyor.
  7. İşte böyle kullanıyorsun: 


  8. @F.Maynard arkadaşın forum hesabı yok. Varsa bile ben bulamadım.
  9. Denedim ama sanırım herkese izin vermiyor.
  10. Selamlar. Steam ismi: Şahin Steam ID: 76561198194062073 MP ID: 554824 kişisine bir mesaj yollamak istiyorum ama başaramıyorum. Bu konuda bana yardımcı olabilecek kimse var mı? Topic inactive.Locked and Archived.
  11. @scarface0359  I have recorded 80 GB of gameplay video since 15 June 2016 :(

    1. RadioactivePotato


      Meanwhile i only have like 16 gigs :/

    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      I have 84GB of footage :( Not all from recently tho, some is the video compilations and other clips I haven't put into compilations. I'll go through the rest later tonight or tomorrow and put it into a compilation and  then delete all the clips from this week, that will free up the space for next weeks recordings. I delete recordings where noting happens straight away. The FRAPS recording take up quite a bit of space :(

    3. EG0611


      By the way the topic was this if you guys don't understand the situation: 


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  12. ^ (O nasıl quote öyle yazdığımdan tamamen farklı) O hâlde raporla gitsin bu oyunda ırkçılara yer yok.
  13. Elbette alır. Umarım TruckersMP ID sini de almışsındır.
  14. My the last masterpiece report videom :) 


    1. stilldre1976


      Noticed that 2nite too bet the trolls start using that jump now :angry:

    2. marco6158


      I saw a guy jumping over sgtsalt with that ramp. I don't have anymore the video unfortunately

  15. Is it allowed to block whole racetrack with pilot cars? Cause I don't think so.

    1. Subtle [HKG]

      Subtle [HKG]

      Nope, nobody is allowed to block the racetrack. Btw, i'm the blue Skoda that just rammed you:(

    2. EG0611


      @subtlegta no problem mate. What I am talking about are noobs with pilot cars

    3. Subtle [HKG]

      Subtle [HKG]

      just report them and our admins will sort them out.

  16. Actually you guys don't need to go repair and fuel station every time. This is what you have to do; Manage to come Racetrack with nearly full depot and no damage (yep this is hard to do) Park somewhere quiet Take a save Then whenever your vehicle has high damage, you can just load your saved game. So yea -1 from me.
  17. Somebody can explain me what kind of a brain damage makes a player to go reverse on Racetrack with a trailer?! And an else to be AFK in middle of track?!

    1. SprinterFS


      as I said in another of your status, just report them for blocking, and please do not attack them with disability or disease: it's offensive.

    2. FatalAttraction


      Rules don't apply on the race track tho...

    3. SprinterFS


      here it says "some rules" not "all rules". I saw people get banned there for blocking racetrack before.

  18. Racetrack CHAOS ATM!

    1. SprinterFS


      Europoort CHAOS too... just chill, record, and report like this


    2. Spieker


      There has been Chaos all the day xD

  19. ATS + MP + Noobs + Car = 


    1. caff!!!


      so its pretty much ETS2 EU2

  20. Who else think that ATS and ATS MP are way more exciting than ETS2 and ETS2 MP?

  21. So as I understand, Racetrack is a place like "Free for All"? I mean people can do whatever they want in there and what happens in Racetrack, stays in Racetrack?
  22. Our new Rotterdam is: Tuscon!

    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      I must check it out later :D When my video is done exporting from Windows Movie Maker

      Where is the race track?

  23. Anyone else's game lost connection when opening External Contract?

    1. Gridd_DK


      not only when External i tried just to Press drive.. and it crashes

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