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  1. Happy birthday good health and I wish you good luck :P 

  2. Who said finishing Calais Duisburg road under 1% damage is impossible? B) 


  3. When you report someone but report is declined with "already banned with same evidence" so you check that evidence and you see that that evidence is from the other driver next to you so you both become 2 brothers of justice. *feels good*

    1. Grundii



      please note that you should open feedback ticket because also if the player is already banned (with same evidence) your report must accepted! @Anriandor

    2. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      He is not making a complaint, @grundi2601 but merely commenting on how cool it is that a player who was right next to him at the time of the incident he reported also had the idea to report the same player and for the same incident.

    3. EG0611


      Jesus Christ @grundi2601 people like you should stop taking everything in status updates as complaint. I am just stating a funny situation you don't have to drag it to "bad admin not doing job kick him from team" or so.

  4. Remember when editing your truck and parking at the Europort were not allowed? 2 years ago; August 2016


  5. WOOOOW This is literally making a brand new game! I can't wait to test these features. I read on somewhere that some truckers take multiple loads on their route for example a truck with half loaded traveling from San Diego to San Francisco can make a stop on Los Angeles and take a load to Oakland then unload Oakland cargo and continue its journey. @RootKiller what do you say?
  6. We will miss you. Good luck on your life!


    1. EG0611


      Thanks man. I will especially miss the cat emojis :)

  7. Troll Hunter SPECIAL Episode 10 is OUT! https://youtu.be/uMu824dUnxw

  8. Another boring monday in the office.

  9. I know what will be the next ATS DLC ;) 


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
    3. ScaniaFan89


      @RayRay5, @Killua // Ireland ^_^, @Anriandor which means they are going east, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Carolina ??? Will they go to Washington DC & then go east or south east to cover the central parts of the US....Pavel said his dream is to go across the map in his lifetime & i'm guessing hes in his 50's lHmw4OS.png

  10. Today's trollhunter results. Are you on the list? 


  11. *bored* Do you think 10-ish servers with 500 players capacity BUT A.I. and modding support would be better than current?

    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      no, I love EU2 as it is now, 500 slot servers you'd see no one, with EU2 as it is now you see people all the time around Germany and often meet people in Scandinavia too :D

    2. EG0611


      But there will be A.I. traffic and even Jazycat's vehicles + other 499 players. I think you wouldn't feel lonely.

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      there is a difference between driving with ai and other people, it will be great to see an AI server and play on that but at the same time have EU2 too ,EU2 will always be my fave server and the one I use most :wub:

  12. Thank you everybody for your support. I hope it fullfilled its purpose and I also hope you liked and enjoyed Emergency Roadwork. SCS announced that in 6 days, California Highway 1 will be reopened.
  13. The amounth of photos of MAN trucks are suspiciously high
  14. Have you ever noticed the lack of traffic on C-D road? Because I found where they went and not gonna tell you :P A road with 3x3 and 1x1 lanes sections, in between 2 cities and 3 countries in mid-Europe. It is enjoyable to drive on it.

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    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      still lots of traffic on C-D road, its very busy, even last night after 11pm (Irish/UK  time) it was so busy last night but the long traffic jams going back to the railway crossing have not happened in awhile :unsure:


      you can't post a status like this and not tell us where it is :( not fair :thinking:

    3. Guest


      @Killua // Ireland ^_^ That's why everyone is playing on C-D. Because they only know C-D on their map and not trying to discover more. Actually you can look at the ETS2Map on https://ets2map.com/. Because this is ETS2MP realtime map, the accuracy is just like in-game. The road with thinner line means 1x1.


      My guess was Frankfurt -> Praha but apparently this is not the correct answer because it is only Germany to Czech and only covered by 1x1. But this road is actually longer, harder then C-D.

    4. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      C-D still the busiest craziest road in mp :lol: I also know the highways around that area can be very busy too, Germany itself seems to be pretty busy most of the time :)

  15. Am I a famous Youtuber now? :P 


    1. Ali.


      My ears :wow:

    2. Zlá Cica -Lucia

      Zlá Cica -Lucia

      please modify the sound:)

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