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  1. @Rebelwarrior1981 well mine finally got their act together and downloaded at a reasonable pace
  2. Yay for winter mod but oh great won't be able to use it any time soon because sharemods and their throttling of downloads to kbps
  3. Can't wait for MP to update to support the new truck In ATS but until then to Single player i go

  4. RIP Promods Free download Server UvCd4eW.png

    1. [GER]HerrSwitzerland.


      I paid to download faster xD 

    2. ScaniaFan89


      You pay every time ^^



  5. Slight Rant Incoming:

    I dislike this new limiter on ATS being slowed down to 45 mph on a 65 mph freeway because it happens to pass nearby or over a city is ridiculous I mean i get that with ETS2 it is supposed to reduce the number of trolls speeding through the cities and places like Calais-Duisburg Road but thats just it why not just Limit ETS2 Why does ATS have to get the crappy Limiter also when it doesnt have anywhere near the issues that ETS2 does with Trolls i'd say the majority of drivers on ATS are very respectful and all around great Drivers so far almost all the times i have recorded my gameplay in ATSMP I have nothing to show other than wasted disk space and a pleasant Drive across The USA so why Do we have to suffer this ridiculous City Limiter I dont mind the limited top speed of 80 MPH but the City Limiter of 45 MPH is Ridiculous and very infuriating due to the factor that you pass within a inch of a city and suddenly you go from cruising along at anywhere from 55 MPH- 80 MPH Depending on the state and section of interstate down to 45 MPH making long trips seems even longer due to the constant slowdowns along the way

  6. Well at least MP still works so yay for that
  7. I honestly love the new simulation servers no more dodging players thinking it's truck racing simulator 2019 i can actually get a load done in a semi populated area without having to report a dozen people for driving like they're play Grand Theft Auto or Need For Speed and a lot more respect on the roads sure i still get people passing me who want to exceed the speed limit but they do so in a much more considerate manor no more having people get their trailer just barely in front of you to then suddenly merge right back over leaving no room for desync/lag or emergency braking if they crash and i've seen more people obeying the traffic lights and signs.
  8. I finally gave up and used @[T&D] MartinSDT links to dropbox got it in a matter of seconds whereas sharemods wasnt working period and the little home server was going to take over a day with their upload speed
  9. I have both still opens a new tab and tries to download all the garbage
  10. So something im curious about considering its getting close to the time where wintermod is reactivated is 1 what winter mod are we using this year and 2 are we going to get a version for ATSMP? since we now have Oregon which does usually receive snow  come winter

    1. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      As far as I know, nothing has been decided yet.

  11. Does MP now Support the Volvo VNL or do we still have to disable it to drive in mp?

    1. Matt #CarLadMatt

      Matt #CarLadMatt

      Supported, Opt out of all betas on steam and should work :) 

    2. ScaniaFan89


      Its supported but with all the bugs as scs havent fixed it yet

  12. that moment you realize your trailer doesnt fit in the parking spot XnCMWfx.png

    1. AssassinGoEasy


      Nice one man Nice one :D 

    2. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      nice photo and truck :wub:

  13. So seems once again SCS has decided that if you F7 your load gets canceled seems to be the thing to do now with events is oh you got stuck tough if you f7 your load will be cancelled

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Kid Fabi

      Kid Fabi

      It has been implemented with version 1.32. So basically every Wotr Cargo you do now, will be canceled after you teleport to the service. (Not Event only).



      I did not like it either :(

    4. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      It was implemented on 1.31, not 1.32. They already said that they have done it because there were too many players cheating their WoT contracts by teleporting to the destination to get the quotas filled in quickly while others were actually driving there and taking the time needed to achieve the goals set by the event. 

  14. so before the latest updates i was able to f7 and travel across ferries etc as of today i do either and my game locks up and i have to kill it in task manager i have to wonder when this is going to be fixed since i see multiple people having the same issue

    1. Avro Sisters

      Avro Sisters

      Hi there!

      I had the same issue. I simply uninstalled TMP and reinstalled it again. I haven't had an issue since 

    2. Leandro Santiago

      Leandro Santiago

      Since the last update I have been suffering from the same problem, dear.

    3. bryangullickson


      @KGT I Avro I Owner I will have to try that i guess 

  15. Congrats and Welcome back as a Game Mod Good Luck out there 

    1. Ashlyn



    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Congrats, WB and Good Luck :)

    3. El1teZombiezHD
  16. Figured since no one else has id post this awesome job done by our media team 


    1. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      I have watched your post in group facebook TMP, so I watched it a few mins ago xD

    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Very good video :) If only everyone followed that :)

  17. Update with new Monitor no more black box at the top both monitors are now 1440x900 @60hz same old generic Windows 10 Desktop
  18. Any news on when the US server for ATS is coming back?

  19. Do you have random road events on? if so slide the slider all the way left to turn off
  20. @anukan currently supports 1.31.1s but scs just released a new WOT event so they updated ETS2 to 1.31.2s but ATS is still on 1.31.1s so while we wait for MWL to finish the update to 1.31.2s for ETS2 they suggested we go populate ATS
  21. @[[[[[***PK***]]]]]***KG you'll just have to wait patiently for another update to release
  22. California is the only state that limits Semi's to 55 MPH the rest either can do the same limit as cars or close to it however some of the large companies such as SWIFT,PRIME etc Govern their trucks at 65 MPH for fuel reasons
  23. Is everybody in the group's trailer the same weight? Does everybody in the group have Similar Pings? What FPS is everyone else in the group getting? these and other things affect how fast or slow someone may appear to be going i saw it a ton back when the servers were all limited to 90 Km/h
  24. ^ I agree with what @antrax737 said above just slap the old 90 km/h 56 mph limiter back on and boom you have even less issues cause guess what in RL you hop in any truck in the EU/UK guess what the fastest you're getting to is 90 Km/h 56 MPH due to the limiter/governor on those trucks which if you remove you face hefty fines and possible jail time
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