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  1. Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. How was your day?

    1. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      Good evening and have a  nice day :) 

  2. Congratulations for another year of life! :D

    1. Nody


      Thank you <3

  3. These latest updates have really been great for the community, but I'm missing the physics of the trucks. Is it the custom of the previous versions, or are the trucks really that way and overturn with ease?

  4. Primordial organization, organization above all else. Congratulations to the developers!
  5. What would that be? Could someone explain, please?

    Well, I have a fx 6300 processor with a gtx 550ti, squeeze at 60 fps with maximum configuration (not ultra) in places that are not full, an intel core i3 7100 up or a 5th generation core i5, or amd fx 6300 or better yet an nvidia gtx 950 video card can rotate without suffering.


  7. Does anyone know tell me a good setup to get play on ultra resolution? My current setup is not very good.

    1. Alyar27 [EC]

      Alyar27 [EC]

      if you have Nvidia graphics card download Geforce Experience https://www.geforce.com/geforce-experience/download, After installing choose to update driver and optimize game, with that you improve the quality.

  8. ^ Hello! Not always people use to show other players, yes to satisfy their desire to ride with an elegant truck.
  9. Good afternoon, drivers!

  10. It depends on the point of view to formulate some opinion on this question, my friend. When we are in a fairly busy area, even if we are prudent and there to have fun, there are some reckless players who do not even think about the good of the community. They are there to mess up, to collide in our trucks. By this statement, I find it stressful. But as they said in some other questions, the game is casual, you are there to have fun. If someone hits your car and you feel the urge to report, there are moderators and an effective support to help. When that happens, just get on with your journey, calm, serene and peaceful! I like busy areas, especially for containing many players and getting more dynamic, really a transit.
  11. My resolution is not so good, my computer is in a precarious situation. Postponing this, let's get down to business: what did you guys think of my truck? Show me yours, let's entertain!





  12. I do not have it, nor do I think of buying. Sadly, sadly, in all sad ways, if you have the DLC and I do not, I'll never be able to see your trailer.
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