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  1. Would you rather have a million bucks, or [insert name]’s head full of nickels?

    1. [Solar] D4NNY

      [Solar] D4NNY

      I would probs take the million bucks

  2. ScaniaT

    New Police design (Europe)

    Police cars look abit boring yes with the current paintjob. They should change the paintjob but im not sure if they think if its necessary as they already have so much to do for community memebers, so they never think about theirselves.
  3. Thanks @Syntackz we already know it but its really very helpful toe our new indian friends.
  4. Best of luck for your VTC and its future. We hope to see you in game.
  5. ScaniaT

    Multiplayer Company

    Im not sure if the idea is applicable or not but it seems to be a good idea though.
  6. ScaniaT

    freezing error causing perma ban

    Ping problems are generally occured due to internet provider issues, server locations and connections. These issues can be solved but will take excess amount of fixing. I will suggest to try playing on different servers and see which one gives best ping or else otherwise do not enter highly populated area’s such as calais dover road, rotterdam, amsterdam or europort. Hope this will help you by any chances. thanks
  7. Don’t you hate people who use big words just to make themselves look perspicacious? :P:D

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    2. ScaniaT


      @Frosty. If you need so much space, there’s always NASA. :P


    3. Frosty.
    4. ScaniaT


      Honesty may be the best policy, but insanity is the best defense.

  8. Hello, everyone.

    In need of someone who knows how to set up discord bots and stuffs.

    1. Kewai99 [ITA]

      Kewai99 [ITA]

      what do you need?

  9. Looking for someone who could help you with graphics and videos? Don't waste your time and join "Motion Films" discord now at https://discord.gg/HEeSHwt

  10. Motion films are currently looking for 2x twitch streamers. The Motion streamers will be holding motion twitch officially so make sure you have the time to spend here. If you are interested please make sure to read the requirements below :

    1. Knowledge of twitch and other required softwares.
    2. Active for atleast 2 streams per month.
    3. Working microphone and Webcam.
    4. Capable of streaming at atleast 720p or higher.
    5. Highest game graphics is necessary.

    NOTE : There are some internal agreement too!


    Intrested? Join the discord now https://discord.gg/HEeSHwt

  11. Motion Films are launching their official public discordapp server. Join the fun now at https://discord.gg/HEeSHwt

  12. ScaniaT

    ScaniaT's animation/cinematics and designs

    Hello everyone, please have a look at the video Motion Group has worked on for SparklingOreo's precious memories. R. I. P SparklingOreo You are in our hearts, Never forgotten...
  13. Hello everyone, please have a look at the video Motion Group has worked on for SparklingOreo's precious memories. 

    R. I. P SparklingOreo 

    You are in our hearts, Never forgotten... 



  14. Happy Birthday and best wishes to my FlagShip events colleague!

  15. Happy Birthday! ^_^