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  1. #TWO

    Everything looks good. Just the thing in the teaser is that if TFM has announced the date already, then why it says coming soon? But i can say whoever made it, he has a good AE skills. Best of luck for the event.
  2. Looking for a experienced web developer. 

    Working for a creative and professional websites front end developing and interior programming. 


    You'll need:

    1.strong creative skills.

    2.Decent writing, text creating and communication skills. 

    3.Working within deadlines. 

    4.Web and database programming skills. 


    Contact via discord

    Or email

  3. Working on a new video. Guess the Topic and get a chance to win a pre-booking of "italia DLC" for yourself. Comment your answer below. 


    Ending date : 5th October 2017



  4. When will the tmp video contest start again? 

  5. Its time to grab your seat within Motion films team. We are looking for a twitch streamer. PM for requirements.

  6. Streaming some awesome scandinavia roads, watch js at

  7. Starting streaming in about 30mins, join and don't forget to follow

    1. Anriandor


      Thank you! You said that you are going to start in half an hour, unlike some people who claim to be LIVE even though they are not. Useless waiting time can now be prevented ;)

    2. ScaniaT


      lol you i know who is it :P

  8. Professional in streaming and looking for an opportunity? Pm me! 

  9. Motion will be streaming tonight at 19:00 BST stay tuned to  help us reach 100 Followers to start a £5 giveaway every day for our awesome followers. 

  10. Looking for a front end web designer. Please contact me throught forum PM or discord if intrested. 

  11. Discord for indians

    Yeah ikr
  12. Follow Motion films at and stay updated about development announcements, project release and much more! 



  13. Looking for a streamer for a upcoming project.
    Required person will be holding the official twitch channel for the upcoming project.
    Please contact me through steam ,discord or forum DM for requirements.

  14. Good evening everyone,

    A great opportunity/offer for intrested ones. i am looking for a social representative for a project/organisation. For requirements, please contact myself via forum DM, discord or steam.


    Thank you