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  4. ScaniaT's animation/cinematics and designs

    Hello everyone, please have a look at the video Motion Group has worked on for SparklingOreo's precious memories. R. I. P SparklingOreo You are in our hearts, Never forgotten...
  5. Hello everyone, please have a look at the video Motion Group has worked on for SparklingOreo's precious memories. 

    R. I. P SparklingOreo 

    You are in our hearts, Never forgotten... 



  6. Happy Birthday and best wishes to my FlagShip events colleague!

  7. Hello everyone, Did you missed my work section? Have a look here and if you like it please help me by donating here




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  9. ScaniaT's animation/cinematics and designs

    Thanks @HAXR
  10. A ban consider's if person is capable or not? 

    1. [VIVA] Kravatie
    2. ScaniaT


      You have any talent @Kravatie

    3. LordBenji


      Capable of what? Driving? I have bans on history and I am well capable of driving.

  11. C'mon gimme some views

    1. Alles_FME


      nice video @ScaniaT hope you will make more cinematic videos like this;)

    2. ScaniaT


      Sure will do. But you are so fast @Alles_FME :troll:

  12. New rank: Trial Admin

    Can we buy this rank?
  13. Thanks for the follow buddy. :)

  14. Anyone wanna buyme a DLC? :P

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    2. ScaniaT


      Weren't you in FME? 

    3. sko0923


      Nope, only VTC I've been in (and still am) is Fast Cargo. I think I saw you in there at one point. 

    4. ScaniaT


      Ah... Yeah i recognise you now.